Continuing To Get Back To Me (I Needed My Hair Done!)

It had been a very long time since I had my hair done. I’m not always the best about remembering to get it done as often as I’d like, but I’m usually pretty good about going at least every 3 months (in an idea world, it would be done every 4-6 weeks). But somehow I let over 5 months go by without getting my hair cut and colored and I knew I needed to fix that.

I also knew that I wanted to work on feeling more like myself after being sick. I still wasn’t totally better, but I know making myself look more like me at my best does help me feel better. There’s also something about feeling like you are pampering yourself a bit to help make you feel a bit less sick. I had gotten my eyebrows done earlier in the week and getting my hair done was just completing my transformation from being super sick to being me.

I’m lucky that my hairstylist is a good friend of mine. While she started first as my hairstylist, I now look at her as friend first and stylist second. But that also means that when I see her to have her do my hair it ends up being a lot of gossip and catch up time. I like that and I’m always at her house (where she does my hair) for several hours since we just end up spending a lot of time hanging out after she’s done with my hair.

I went into getting my hair done not really looking my best. I had washed my hair after my workout, but I didn’t put any product in it and didn’t bother to dry it. I just threw it up in a clip to let it air dry while I worked. There was no need to do anything to it since it was going to get done (but it needed to be clean). My before pictures are always with super frizzy hair looking a bit crazy, but you can also see how long it had gotten!

The ends were getting very scraggily and it needed to be cut and refreshed. But more importantly it needed to be colored! My hair has been going gray since I was about 20, but it used to just be a few gray hairs here and there. Now, it’s probably over 10% gray. And in my dark hair, it totally shows! I do have a product I can use to help cover the gray hair between getting it done, but I forget to use it from time to time and I hate how much my gray hair sticks out! The process of going gray has been getting quicker and quicker and I’m hoping it slows down soon. But I know in reality that it’s probably just going to keep getting more gray at a more rapid pace.

While I was having my hair done, we caught up on so many different parts of our lives. Because I post about online dating on here a lot, most of my friends are pretty caught up but they still love hearing the stories in person. And I have to admit that the stories I have are so crazy and interesting. If someone else had my life I’d want to know all about what’s going on! We also talked about her upcoming summer plans since her kids are almost done with school for the year. We’ve always tried to meet up in Tahoe during the summer, but unfortunately I won’t be in Tahoe at the same time as her family. But I have hope that one day our schedules will coordinate.

And while I was getting my hair done I also got to catch up with her kids. I hadn’t seen them in forever either and it’s crazy how much they’ve grown! And both of them were excited to tell me about the things they have been learning in school and how happy they were that school is almost done for the summer. I joked to them that weekends and summers don’t exist for adults and they thought it was funny that my schedule for my job doesn’t change just because it is summer.

Once my hair was done, it looked so amazing!

I had about 3 inches cut off, but it’s still pretty long. My hair grows quickly so I don’t think I cut off more than what grew in the past 5 months. But it feels so much healthier now that the ends are gone and it’s freshly dyed. Since I dye my hair a darker shade, it seems to coat my hair and make it feel a bit thicker (which is good since my hair is so much thinner now compared to how it was when I was younger).

But most importantly is that having my hair done just made me feel better about myself both mentally and physically. Things haven’t been that great for me lately and I needed this silly ego boost. I feel pretty again and not someone who was just sick and dealing with a guy who wasn’t treating me the way I deserve to be treated. While I’m still dealing with both being sick and feeling sad about the guy, at least I look pretty while dealing with it.


A Night Of Lena Hall (or Art Of The Audition)

I’m pretty open about the fact that I love musicals. I’m so lucky that I have a group of friends who love them too and they have become a regular part of my life. Musicals just make me so happy so I always love when I can have a night out enjoying a musical or seeing an incredible Broadway performer live!

And last week, I had the opportunity to see Lena Hall! I’ve actually seen Lena Hall perform live twice. She played both main roles in Hedwig during the run in LA and my friend Michelle and I went to see her play both (one way was in our season tickets and the other was something we bought on our own). So when I saw that Lena Hall was performing in LA, I immediately texted Michelle and we rushed to get tickets! Because we were purchasing them so early, we were able to do the cheap seats plus there was a discount code. So it ended up being a pretty affordable show for being such an amazing thing!

We knew going into the show that we were required to get at least dinner at the venue. I appreciated that they had the option to order dinner instead of having a drink minimum since I don’t really drink. Michelle and I got there early so we could eat and get our seats. We were seated at a high top table that was off to the side, but we were still pretty close to the stage. But we did realize that we were sitting right next to the dressing room so we knew Lena Hall would at least briefly be near us. We tried to order quickly so we wouldn’t be eating during the show and we both got their goat cheese pesto burger.

Michelle had read some not-so-good reviews about the food, but this burger was awesome! There was so much flavor and it was perfect! The fries weren’t as good (they were supposed to be garlic parmesan fries but neither of us tasted any garlic or parmesan), but it was still a pretty good meal. And we decided to splurge and got some dessert too. We couldn’t decide between the apple tart and the cheesecake, so we got both and we each took half.

After that, we were both so full but ready for the show to start! There was an opening act that played a couple of songs before Lena Hall came out. This was kind of like a one-woman show and it was called “Art of the Audition: From Falling Apart to Nailing the Part”. She told stories about various times that she auditioned starting when she was a child and sang the songs that she sang at those auditions. For example, when she was a teen and auditioned for Cats she sang “Dance 10, Looks 3” from A Chorus Line (which is a pretty hilarious choice).

Most of the songs that she sang as examples of what she auditioned with were songs that I was familiar with. And the stories she had were really funny. Many of them were similar to things I’ve experienced at auditions and were really relatable. She never tried to put on an act that she knew what she was doing or was better than others. She was just honest about how terrifying it can be to audition, especially when the part is one you really want.

She also discussed about how she struggled with trying to figure out what stereotype she could fit into since that is something that can be important to understand as an actor. She tried to fit different things and they never were right for her (which I totally get). But once she just was herself, she found the parts that were right for her or fit her type even if it didn’t seem that way on the page.

My favorite story of hers was when she discussed her audition for the Broadway company of Hedwig. She was at the final audition and was told to prepare a joke or a story in character. And she decided to create an entire backstory to her character to explain why she was at the audition and created a world where the character was there to get funding for a crowdfunding campaign. It was such a great story and a really good example of how you sometimes just have to go for it in the audition room. She had no idea if she made the right choice or not, but she made a choice and was memorable. And fortunately she booked the job too!

The show covered stories from when she was a child until recently and it was a pretty varied collection of stories (and the songs that went with the stories were pretty varied too). All of the stories were so funny and if there was no singing I would have still enjoyed the show.

But getting to hear Lena Hall sing was just wonderful. She is such a talented performer and I feel so lucky that I got to see this show since it only was happening for 1 night in LA. I would have loved to see it again but I guess I’ll just have to be on the lookout to see if she returns to LA again.


Getting Back To My Workouts (or Dealing With Not Being 100%)

After having half a week of workouts off last week due to being sick, I was so ready to get back to Orangetheory! I knew at the beginning of the week that I was  probably a bit weak from taking time off, but I just needed to get back to my normal routine.

On Monday I was still feeling a bit sick and knew my workout was going to have to be a light one with much less intensity than I’m used to. It was a 3 group strength workout, but to be honest my focus on the workout was just to get through it.

I used the bike instead of the treadmill and I really didn’t focus at all at what we were supposed to be doing as far as incline/resistance. I kept my bike at what it usually my base pace resistance and never moved it from that during the 15 minutes I was on it. I had to take breaks to catch my breath or to cough probably every 2-3 minutes, but even doing the bike for 2 minutes was exhausting me. It was shocking how out of shape I felt, but I had to keep telling myself that it wasn’t necessarily being out of shape but still dealing with being sick.

Next I was on the rower where we had rowing and shoulder exercises. We started with a 500 meter row and did decreasing rows for the first half and then for the second half started at 100 meter rows that increased. Between each row, we used the mini-bands on our wrists to strengthen our shoulders. Just like on the bike, I had to take breaks during the rows. I would have loved to have done each row without a break, but I knew that was not going to happen. But I just tried to focus on the fact that I was there instead of what I wasn’t able to do.

And for the last part of class I was on the floor where we had 2 blocks. The first block was squats with weights, hip bridges, deadlifts, and side plank leg lifts. I used lighter weights than normal for my squats and deadlifts and they still felt heavy for me. The hip bridges were a bit tough because of my nose being stuffed up, but I still was able to do them and used a weight during them as well. And in the second block we had the mini-bands on our legs to do suitcase squats with a weight and squat walks. While these were a bit easier for me to breathe during, they were still tough for me to do and I had to take several breaks. This workout was far from being one of my great ones, but it felt great to be back and to be getting back to my normal life.

I was still feeling a bit congested on Wednesday, but I was definitely on my way to getting better. But I still needed to work on my endurance and getting back to normal so I stuck with the bike. This workout was a mix of endurance and power but for my time on the bike I didn’t really focus on that. I again just stuck with the resistance I use as my base resistance on the bike normally and tried to go as long as I could without taking a break. I still needed breaks every few minutes, but it wasn’t as often as I needed them on Monday. Technically we had 5 blocks, 3 as power blocks and 2 as endurance blocks, but I didn’t worry about that since I just wanted to work on my cardio and getting myself to where I was before I was sick.

On the floor, during the 3 blocks that were power based we had rowing blocks. The first 2 blocks were 150 meter rows with squats between each row and the last row was 30 seconds of a push row and 30 seconds of an all out row. For the 150 meter rows, I just worked on not needing a break and fortunately I was able to do that. And for the push and all out row, I just rowed. For the endurance blocks on the floor, the first block was chest presses while laying on the Bosu, sit-ups on the Bosu, and Y-raises using the straps. And the second block was lunges while holding a weight and triceps using a weight. I was so happy to be back to using a weight that I would normally use. I did have to take some breaks to catch my breath or to cough to clear my lungs (I knew I sounded gross but I warned people near me about that), but it was much closer to normal for me than I was expecting.

I was still working on getting better on Friday, plus I saw that the workout was going to be strength based, so I was on the bike again. But even though I go a bit easier on the bike, I did take it up a step compared to the past 2 workouts. I did increase my resistance for push pace, all out pace, and incline times. But I didn’t do a ton of variation with the resistance. I used the same resistance for my push pace resistance and all inclines. I didn’t want to push things too much. But I did increase it more than that for the all out resistance. It’s baby steps towards being back to my normal self. And while it is slower than I would like or expected, at least I am seeing some progress.

On the floor, we had 3 blocks. The first block was mini-band work. We had squats with single leg lifts and lateral squat walks. I was happy that I was able to do both with less difficulty than expected. The single leg lifts aren’t easy and with being congested I was worried I’d have very little balance, but that wasn’t the case. I did have to take more breaks than I would have liked during the block, but I’ve learned that will just be the case while I work on getting better. The second block was bicycle chest presses, lateral raises, and lunges. I was using slightly lighter weights than normal and I struggled with the bicycle presses since I was on my back and it was a little bit more difficult to breathe. But again, I pushed through and did better than expected. We ended with a 4 minute core blast which was definitely not one of my best core blasts. I was tired and starting to realize that I might have overdone it a bit earlier in the workout. But I did what I could and still felt impressed and happy when the workout was done.

On Saturday, I was feeling a little bit better but also was a bit sore from going hard at Friday’s workout. So even though this workout was a power based one that was a run/row and it would be ideal to test myself on the treadmill, I stuck with the bike. It was tough to not do the treadmill when I was feeling like seeing what would happen, but I just kept reminding myself that by doing the bike I was going to be able to be back to the treadmill sooner instead of getting sick again.

The run/row for me started with 3 rounds of .4 miles on the bike. After the first round I had a 300 meter row, the second round had a 200 meter row, and the last round had a 100 meter row. The second block had the same row pattern but the bike distance was .6 miles. I was using similar resistance levels to what I was using on Friday but I was able to pedal faster which helped me work harder. And when I had the rowing everything was under the time goal. I even managed to get within 1 second of my 100 meter row PR! I was not expecting that at all.

When I got to the floor we had 2 blocks. The first block was low rows on the straps, crunches, and plank punches. But between each of the exercises we had a round of lunges. And the second block was tricep work on the straps, toe reaches,  and mountain climbers with speed skaters between each exercise. I started the first block going pretty fast through everything. I even was using a weight on my chest during the crunches which was something extra. But when I got to the second block, my breathing issues kicked in. I had to take a ton of breaks to cough and catch my breath. I still got through everything, but I struggled. But in the end, I still did better than I had done in the previous workout. And that’s all I can hope for right now.

I honestly think I may end up being on the bike for a longer time than I thought. I’m still dealing with congestion and being short of breath. If this doesn’t go away in a few more weeks I’ll go to the doctor, but I know that with a cold it can take a few weeks to have all symptoms go away. But until I feel better, the bike is the safer option for me and I’m able to be a little bit easier on myself. But at least I’m back at my workouts and I am seeing progress and improvement. I’m just ready to be back to my normal self already!


Feeling Like A Fresh Start (or Spring Cleaning and New Toys)

After being sick for what felt like forever (but in reality about a week and a half), I was ready to feel normal again. I have a feeling it will be a little bit longer before I’m totally better, but I’m about 95% there. I’ve only got some congestion left and it’s so minor that I’m not even taking cold medication for it anymore.

But while physically I was feeling better, mentally I wasn’t in the best place. I had the issues I mentioned yesterday on here that basically gave me a day of just being in a low place. But what was putting me in a worse mood was my house being so messy! While I was sick I didn’t really do any cleaning and in my tiny house it really shows when I’m not doing a little bit of cleaning every day. So I spent an entire afternoon doing a major cleaning of my house.

Mostly I was doing the normal cleaning stuff like dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down the various surfaces in my house. I needed to do this for sure because my place was dirty but I also wanted to rid my house of any germs. Even though I don’t think there were that many germs left since they can’t live on surfaces that long, it was just the feeling that my house was germy that I wanted to get rid of. The cleaning that I did was a serious workout (maybe that was because I’m still a bit sick), but when I was done I just felt a huge sense of relief and normalcy in my life again.

But besides the normal cleaning stuff (which was more like a deep clean), I had so much random organization work to do. I’ve been slacking off on some of that stuff. For example I did a reddit gift exchange last month and I hadn’t put away the books I had gotten. But since I was cleaning my cabinet where I keep my coffee table books, I put the books away. I also had about a week’s worth of mail to go through (and bills to pay) and it felt good to get rid of all the junk mail that was sitting on my table while I was sick.

But the best organization I had to do was something that I was pretty excited about. Before I was sick, I did an order on Amazon for something that I’ve been wanting for a while and it’s just been sitting in a big box near my front door for over a week.

I got an Instant Pot! I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while and I just decided to go for it! While I love my slow cooker, it’s not always the most convenient thing to use. If I don’t think about cooking dinner until I’m done with work, it’s too late to use the slow cooker. But with this, I can cook things so much quicker!

I’ve got a few friends who have one (most have the same model that I do) and they have all raved about it. And I can’t wait to start testing out new recipes in it! I’ve only accomplished getting it unpacked and reading the instruction manual. And I won’t get a chance to cook in it for a few more days because of some meals out I have planned. But that gives me the time to do research online for some good recipes that I want to try.

Having a new way to cook more often feels similar to having my house nice and clean. It’s a fresh start in a way and the start hopefully of a new awesome way to eat healthier and cheaper at home. While I was sick I depended on cans of soup and microwave dinners. I’m craving cooking something again and I love that I have something new and fun to try out. I’m a little worried that I won’t be using my slow cooker anymore again, but I’m sure that even though there is a slow cooker option on my Instant Pot I’ll find some times that I want to use my regular slow cooker.

Even if I’m not totally better from being sick, I just feel so refreshed and ready for whatever comes next for me. It’s just such a good feeling to be moving on from a bad week and a half (that was bad in more ways than one) and feeling like I can take on the world. Who knew that having a clean house and a new cooking gadget could do that to a person?

Getting Some Answers (or Allowing Myself To Be A Bit Of A Bitch)

I wrote last month about how I had some unfortunate situations in online dating.  I had been seeing someone on and off for a little while when I got a Facebook message from a random account telling me he had a girlfriend. I sent the guy a screenshot about it and asked him if he knew what this was about and at the time I wrote my last post I hadn’t heard from him.

It’s been about a month since I messaged him and I finally heard back from him yesterday. I don’t need to go into too many details, but he basically admitted that he did have a girlfriend (although they started dating after the last time he and I saw each other in person) and that he was wrong for not telling me. He doesn’t deserve anything from me, but I agreed to talk to him on the phone. He wanted to explain things but that wasn’t my intention with the call.

Ever since I got that random Facebook message, I had questions I wanted answered. And in the month since that message, I’ve tortured myself thinking about what the answers could be and this phone call was my opportunity to get those answers. So I prepared for the call almost how I prepare for phone interviews for jobs.

I wrote down every question I had for him. There were plenty of questions that I knew the answers would hurt me, but I needed to hear it from him and not just have my imagination run wild. And I needed him to hear what I felt about him because he didn’t deserve to just think that everything was ok with us. When I looked back at my questions I wrote before he and I spoke on the phone, I thought that maybe I was being too harsh and mean.

But then I stopped myself. Why shouldn’t I be harsh and mean? Someone who I cared about (and I thought cared about me) hurt me and I had a chance to get answers. I didn’t care anymore about what he thought about me so if he felt like I was being a bitch after asking these questions that was fine with me. This phone call wasn’t for him even though he felt like I was doing him a favor. This was for me to say my peace when I haven’t had that chance in the past.

And the call went pretty close to what I expected. I was screaming and saying some very tough things for him to hear. I was emotional and I didn’t care. I made him listen to me and I forced him to answer the questions I needed answers to. I didn’t get everything I wanted out of the call, but I got more than I had before and that was something I needed. It didn’t quite give me a sense of closure, but it gave me a sense of power when I had felt powerless the month prior.

He and I had some deep conversations when we had been together and he knew that I struggled with a family member telling me that I was never worthy of good things. And I got to tell him that even though I know it’s not the truth, he made me feel like it was true because he didn’t seem to respect me enough to tell me the truth. I only found out the truth from a random person. And while he claims he would have told me the truth soon, I doubt that.

The call lasted about 30 minutes and we agreed that there were still more things that needed to be said between us so there will probably be another conversation. He says he needs to have me forgive him (which I don’t know when or if I can do that) and I need him to admit to his mistakes so that I can regain some more power. I need to believe that this has nothing to do with me. And I know it doesn’t, but I don’t quite believe it yet.

You may be wondering why I’m telling you all this story. This was a huge step for me. In the past, I’ve been treated horribly by men and either let it slide or just ended things without explaining what I felt. This time, I had the chance to force someone to hear what I was feeling. And even with having that chance it was a step to actually take it and go through with it. It wasn’t easy hearing some of the things he had to say, but it would have been harder not hearing anything at all. And I have learned that sometimes one way of being hurt is easier to deal with than another way of being hurt.

There is no denying that I’m hurt (and he admitted that he didn’t realize how much this hurt me until he heard it in my voice) and I’m glad I’m acknowledging these feelings. I felt stupid to feel almost heartbroken over a guy that was never a serious relationship. But even without us being serious, we did care about each other and I felt betrayed by him. I have every right to have these feelings and I don’t think I was letting myself feel that way until this call. During the call I felt worse than I had in the past month, but after the call I finally felt something release from me. I’m still mad, but it’s not as bad as it was before.

After I got off this phone call, I was able to talk to a friend of mine. I needed to be talked down from how crazy I was feeling and just needed to vent and rant. And thankfully my friend totally understood that and didn’t try to interject with any advice. She just listened and told me to honor the feelings I was having. She reminded me that this was just the stupidity of one guy and it really had nothing to do with me. She told me that I deserve so much more than what I got and I needed to hear that. I needed to be reminded that what happened to me wasn’t representative of me in any way. This was just something that happened to me and it was only representative of the guy.

I know that this non-relationship can’t define who I am. It is just something that happened to me (and will make an interesting story in the book I’m writing) and I will be past this soon. And it reminded me yet again that I am so lucky to have the friends that I have and that even if I don’t have romantic love in my life that I have friendship love. And that love is more powerful and meaningful to me.

Not Having Fear Of Missing Out (or I’m Sorry In Advance For Boring Posts)

After being sick for what feels like forever (I’m still not totally better), I’m seriously having some cabin fever. I’ve left my house for a few errands in the past couple of days because I was finally feeling like I wasn’t at risk of passing out, but pretty much I’ve done nothing in a week now. It’s starting to get to me and I’m trying to do more and more things each day to help be out of this boredom. But even with doing a few things, there are plenty of things I’ve missed out on.

There was supposed to be a Disney adventure with friends this past Monday. I was starting to feel a bit better then, but I also knew that I would be exhausted just walking from the car to the tram into the parks. There was no way I could do a day at Disneyland. And my friends totally understood (they ended up having other things they needed to do that day too). Disney days are always fun, but it would have been awful if I was there and feeling miserable. I’m glad I didn’t go but I’m totally ready to reschedule and be there soon!

And yesterday I was supposed to go to an informational session at SAG-AFTRA. Yesterday was the first day I felt really like myself. I was still sniffling and coughing, but my voice didn’t sound like I was sick and I wasn’t dealing with fatigue. And I thought about still going to it because I wanted to get back to my normal life, but I also knew that I didn’t want to be there and coughing and sneezing the entire time. And even though I know I’m not contagious, I bet other people there wouldn’t really want to be sitting next to me if I was sniffling the entire time. So I ended up staying home for that too.

While I was looking forward to both of these things, I’m fine that I missed out on them. I know it was for the best for my health and that has to be my focus while I get over this epic cold! I know that having these lazy days are exactly what I need to do to get my body healthy again. It’s a little frustrating that this is taking so long, but the improvement each day is keeping me hopeful and motivated.

But the one regret I have about missing out on things is about what I can write on here! Those days would have been fun posts for me to write (and for you to read) and now I don’t have them. And there are only so many posts I feel like I should write about being sick even if it has taken over my life for a week and a half so far. I always try to keep this blog interesting and fun and when I’ve had nothing in my life to write about for so long it’s tough! So I’m sorry if the posts lately have been a bit boring. I’m hoping to make things interesting again soon and I should be going to some fun things in the coming days as long as I keep feeling better.

I know I have a few friends who are also battling this epic cold (fortunately, I don’t think I passed this on to anyone else I know). It’s almost like a hybrid cold/flu and seems to be taking so many people way longer than normal to get over it. It sucks that I got this, but I’m grateful that I’m healthy enough that I was able to fight it on my own. All I had to do was take about a week off of my life and take some over the counter meds. That’s a minor inconvenience compared to what other people have had to do (including going to the hospital for breathing treatments). So if you are reading this while dealing with this cold bug going around, I’m sorry you are sick. And I’m sorry if my blog is dashing your hopes that you will be over this bug quickly.

And to everyone reading this, sorry for the boring posts that I’ve had lately and will possibly have for a few more days. There’s not a ton to write about when you are napping and watching a lot of tv and I can’t wait to be done with that and back to my normal life again.

This Cold Really Took Me Down (or Several Days Of Doing Nothing)

I wrote a very short post on Friday about being sick. I wrote that when I was so sick that I can’t believe the post had coherent sentences. I don’t get sick that often (although I was surprised looking back at old blog posts that I was sick last fall) and this cold I caught was possibly one of the worst ones I’ve had as an adult.

One of the weird things about this cold was I know exactly when I was exposed to the germs. I was on a date on Monday and the guy I saw told me on Tuesday that he was sick. So I knew the day I caught it was Monday. I could look at these different timeline things online about what symptoms to expect each day of being sick which I usually don’t look at. And since I wasn’t feeling off until Wednesday, I missed the first few days of the cold.

Thursday morning when I woke up, I almost passed out trying to stand. If I had to drive to a job, there would have been no way I could have worked. I barely made it from my bedroom to my desk. I have no idea how I managed to work on Thursday, but I did. And as soon as I was done with work, I took a 4 hour nap and then got ready for bed and went to sleep. Friday was just as bad if not worse. I was feeling like I was ready to pass out at any moment. I couldn’t breathe through my nose and I was constantly trying to clear my throat so I never felt like I could catch my breath.

Saturday was pretty bad too, but I managed to stand long enough to take a shower. And after that, I was able to drive 2 blocks to the grocery store to get some cold medication and soup. And on Sunday, I finally was able to breathe through one side of my nose and didn’t feel like my head was so heavy it was going to fall off my neck.

With the exception of the 10 minutes I was at the grocery store, from Wednesday evening until Monday morning I never left my house. And even though I was in my house all that time, my house became a huge mess. I wasn’t cleaning and didn’t really care that things were piling up. I know that I could have been worse, but this cold was really brutal and took me out of things for a while. I love lazy days sometimes, but having 4 days in a row where not only I was lazy but I felt awful was not something I wanted to have.

I know that lying low and taking things easy was exactly what I needed to do. If I had pushed myself more I could have gotten sicker or made this last longer. I’m still not totally better yet, but starting on Sunday I was finally over the hump and getting better. And knowing that I’m at the tail end of this thing is helpful. But I really just want to get back to feeling normal. I know there is a joke online about how you are never grateful to be able to breathe through your nose until you can’t do it because you are sick and you feel like you never appreciated your body doing that. I’m still in that phase right now and I can’t wait to be back to where I don’t think about my body being able to do anything.

Hopefully I won’t be sick again for a long time and that this will be the worst cold I have for another decade or so. I hate being so out of it and feeling like this. Sick days as an adult are nothing like sick days when you were a kid (and you had someone to take care of you and you spent the day watching tv). I can’t wait to have the energy to clean my house since now it needs a major deep clean.

And even though I got this cold from a guy I went on a date with, I will still give him another chance since I really can’t blame him for this. He didn’t realize I would get sick from seeing him. And if he felt even half as miserable as I did over the past week, then I feel like that is a bit of payback for him getting me sick.

A Very Short Workout Week (or Having Some Sick Days)

Going into this past week of workouts, I honestly was expecting it to be pretty normal. I was starting to feel good again and I was looking forward to seeing what the workouts would be. And as always, when I have any expectations they seem to not happen that way. And this week of workouts really was that way.

Monday’s workout was a power switch day and it was a 3 group workout. All those things are pretty much my favorite types of workouts so to have them all together made me so happy! I just wanted to be back to my normal workout feeling after having a few weeks of feeling off in a row. And this workout did just that for me!

We had 3 blocks at each station and I started at the treadmill. The first and last block were the same with a 2 minute push pace, 1 minute base pace, and then a 30 second all out pace. I was doing my normal speed and inclines for those. I was having a bit of hip issues (my hip had popped out on Sunday evening and I don’t think it was totally back on Monday morning) but overall I was so happy with those short blocks. The second block on the treadmill was a bit longer But it still had a similar pattern to the short blocks. We had a pretty much a repeat of the first block, then a walking recovery, a shorter version of the first block, a walking recovery, and we ended with a 30 second all out pace. This block was a little bit harder on me with my hip, but I was still at my normal speed and inclines.

We were only on the rower for the first and last block (my class wasn’t full so we had almost a hybrid of the 2 group and 3 group class format). The first block was decreasing rows with medicine ball squat presses between rowing. And the last block was increasing rows with medicine ball squat presses between rows. The first time I did front presses and the second time I did overhead presses. And on the floor, we had bench sit-ups to squats (which were weirdly tough for me because my feet didn’t quite hit the ground during the bench sit-ups) plus an ab exercise for the first and third blocks. And in the longer middle block we had regular lunges, speed skater lunges, and sit-ups. That longer block was getting me so tired and my legs felt so heavy, but I was able to keep going! Overall, this workout was exactly what I needed to feel back to myself and to help me shake the nerves I was having knowing I’d be going to the dentist after my workout.

Wednesday’s workout was an endurance day with long blocks. I was feeling a little off in the morning, but nothing too bad. I figured that sweating in a workout would help me feel better and I was excited to see what we had to do.

The treadmill was a 22 minute block that had 4 rounds of 4 minute progressive push paces. For a power walker, that meant increasing the incline every minute for those 4 minutes. Since I was feeling a bit off, I took things a bit easier than normal and increased my incline by .5% each minute instead of 1% like I have in the past. It was a tough workout and those progressive push paces were making me work hard, but I felt so accomplished each time I got through one!

The floor was also a long block that had mini-blocks inside of it. The first mini-block was dumbbell swings, tricep extensions with weights, and lunge shoulder presses. We had 3 rounds of those exercises and then we had an 800 meter row. I focused on just being at a steady pace with the row and got it done in under 4 minutes. Next was a mini-block of high rows on the straps, triceps on the straps, and these interesting sit-up type moves called half get ups. Then it was a 400 meter row. After that, we were supposed to complete the exercises as 1 long block. I was just getting started at that when time was called.

I had planned to go to workouts on Friday and Saturday, but being sick prevented me from going. It’s rare that I’m so sick that I can’t work out. And I’ll be writing about my days of being a sniffling mess tomorrow. But it was a tough decision for me not to go to class those days. I know there was no way I could do the workout, but I still waited until the last minute to cancel my class. I just kept thinking how not going to class would be tough on the various goals I have set for myself with workouts. But if I had tried to go, I think that things would have been so much worse for me.

I’m hoping to be back to my workouts this week. I know I will need to take things easy and slow because I’m still not totally better, but I am antsy to be getting back to my normal routine!

A Low Key Post (or I Guess Things Come In Threes)

This is going to be a quick post, so I apologize for that.

Just last week I was writing about how I was feeling nauseous on one of the weeks I’m normally fine because of antibiotics. I was saying how my body just needed a break and it was unfortunate timing. Well, I spoke too soon.

It’s been a while since I’ve been sick so I guess it was just time for me to catch something again. I’m pretty sure it’s just a basic cold, but it still sucks when you aren’t feeling right. I can almost guarantee I know when I caught it (I was hanging out with someone on Monday who ended up coming down with a cold on Tuesday) and hopefully this bug is out of my system quickly.

I started feeling like something was off on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Usually before I get sick I have a weird feeling in my throat that I can only describe as feeling like I’m constantly thirsty. When that happens, I almost always am sick the next day. Since I was feeling like that on Wednesday, I took care of myself that day and made sure that I was staying hydrated. I also got some supplies in case I did get sick.

And when I woke up on Thursday, I had a full-blown cold. It’s not the worst cold I’ve had, but I’m dealing with congestion and some fogginess/headache issues. I’ve got cold medications and I’m using throat lozenges to try to keep the symptoms at bay. And I’m drinking more water than I feel like I could tolerate. I have no guarantee of how long this thing will last, but I’m hopeful that because I’m doing all the right things that it will be gone before I know it.

Being sick sucks and being sick after over a week of expected nausea and then another week of unexpected nausea is really just bad timing. I have a bad feeling that as soon as I’m over this cold I’ll be back to my usual 2 weeks of nausea and I’ll have to wait for that to end before feeling totally better. If that’s what happens, it happens. I can’t really do much about it. All I can do now is to take care of myself, get rest, and not overdo things too much.

Another Union Working Meeting (or Rolling With The Technical Difficulties)

I had another Union Working meeting this week. These meetings are about every other month and I really do look forward to them each time I realize there is another meeting coming up. I’m learning a ton about the union by being at these meetings. They are able to go into detail about things that I didn’t understand before or that the union really can’t discuss. But that’s the benefit to being a group that isn’t union official. We have a ton of people who are board members and on committees so we are getting accurate information. We just don’t have the formalities of being an official union event.

For the past few meetings, I’ve been in charge of running the Facebook Live for the portion of the meeting we can share (there are some things discussed that are only for union members so we don’t make it available online to the public). It’s a pretty easy job for me to do so I’m happy that I can help out and allow the people who run the meeting to focus on much more important things. And I’ve got a pretty decent setup with my iPad, tripod, and tablet holder for my tripod. But as it seems like a lot of things have been for me lately, things just didn’t go as planned this time.

There is no wi-fi for us to use where we hold the meetings, so I have to use a hotspot from my phone. It’s not that difficult to set up usually but I still get to the meetings early to set up everything so I’m ready to start the live video once the meeting begins. But this time, I just couldn’t get my iPad to connect to my phone. I restarted both devices multiple times and it just didn’t want to work. Since the meeting was about to start, I decided I needed to run the video off of my phone. The holder I have on my tripod doesn’t quite fit my phone, but I managed to make it work.

I’ll admit that I was a bit distracted during the meeting because of the technical issues. I was checking my phone to make sure the video was still going and I had to look harder at it to read the comments that people watching were making since it’s a much smaller screen than I’m used to. But I tried to make sure that even though I was distracted more than normal that I was still paying attention so I could get some great information out of the meeting.

The meetings are usually pretty structured evenings. There is an agenda to go over and because there is so much information and so little time they are pretty on top of making sure that we stay on track. I don’t know if this meeting didn’t have as much of an agenda or what but it seemed like a much more casual and conversational meeting. We did cover a lot of information, but there was so much more back and forth conversation between everyone in the room than I’m used to. But it was pretty awesome to watch that happen because you could see the moments when others in the room understood something for the first time.

A lot of the discussion was related to the election that will be happening in a little over a year and how things have happened in the past and how things should possibly change for the future. I don’t have a strong opinion on a lot of election related things that were discussed because they were mainly things that were about board members and what is currently being done. But I was glad I could hear both sides of the debate so I could know what is the current situation and what others think is wrong and what it should possibly look like in the future.

And as always with these meetings, we discussed the current commercial contract and the upcoming negotiations. Commercials are changing so much and we want to make sure that our contracts reflect that. Online commercials aren’t super new, but they are new enough that there are so many things in those contracts that weren’t figured out in the past. So to know what situations other actors are encountering at auditions or on set can help us know what we want to negotiate for. It also makes me more aware of some things that I want to look out for when I’m working.

Even though there wasn’t a big agenda for the meeting, the 2 hours that we were there covered a lot of information and discussion. Several people mentioned how conversational everything seemed and that it was a nice change from when it is more of a lecture type meeting. There clearly are times where the discussion needs to be a bit more formal and structured, but it was nice to have something that was a bit more freeform when it can happen.

Our next meeting will be most likely toward the end of June and I’ll try to post on social media about it. While we have had some meetings that are only for union members, most of the time they are open to everyone!