Doubling Up On Pain (or Physical and Mental Pain Together)

Yesterday was definitely not a good day for me. I’m still dealing with the blister issue from my 5K. It’s gotten worse and it’s starting to get painful to put my foot all the way down. I can’t really do too much for it right now because it just needs time to heal. But I’m not wearing shoes with backs on them unless I have to (like for my workouts). I’m putting as little pressure and stress on my skin as possible.

Then, if that wasn’t enough, I’m having some serious hip issues. Part of it is from the race because I pushed myself and then spent time being inactive after that (I had to babysit that evening and spent my time on the couch listening to the baby sleep). But it’s also due to weather issues and the change in pressure in the air. I’m back to regulating my pain killers like I do at times and making sure that I’m always medicated (3 of my painkillers a day equals 24 hours of being medicated).

That’s annoying to deal with, but yesterday brought on a panic attack as well.

This was one of the panic attacks that I can’t explain (I’m not going to the dentist or flying anytime soon). This wasn’t the worst one I’ve had lately, so that was good. And the timing was not bad since the attack started right after I was done with my work shift.

But it was still annoying.

I went and tried to lay down on my bed to make the dizziness stop but that seemed to make it worse. So I sat on my bed with my eyes closed and tried to focus on anything besides the feeling of impending doom and like I was about to die.

The attack ended up only lasting about 45 minutes and afterwards I was able to get back to my day (I usually am extremely exhausted after attacks so this was a nice change).

While it may sound like I’m ranting (and I am a little bit), all of this was just a reminder that most of these issues (not the blister one) are pretty much going to be with me for life. I need to be able to function while having these problems and not let them affect my day. I’m getting better doing that with my hip. But when I’m in the middle of a panic attack, I can’t do anything else yet. I just have to let it pass.

And maybe allowing myself to not do anything and let it pass is doing the exact right thing at the time. It may throw off my day a bit, but I don’t have to let it ruin it.

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