Update On My Checklist (or Working On Being Happy)

At my last appointment with my therapist, he wanted me to make a happiness checklist. On that list, I was supposed to track 10 things that make me happy and check off if I did one each day.

I don’t know if he really expected me to make a checklist and check off things every day, but I have been doing just that. And I’m beyond the half way point so I figured I should update you all on how I’m doing.

Happiness Checklist

There are a few things that I pretty much do every day without fail. Every day I get 10,000 steps in and I read. Those are pretty easy for me to get done since I make sure to do my 10,000 steps every day (those Fitbit challenges really help me!) and I can’t imagine going to bed without reading. Honestly, I would read more if I could but I don’t have the time. I also blog almost every day as well as workout most days of the week, so those columns have a bunch of check marks on them as well.

Where I’m not doing as many of my happy things seem to be the social things. They are the outings, meeting friends and family, or having a meal out. I’m working on trying to do more of those things, but sometimes once I’m done with work and going to Orangetheory, I just want to put on my PJs and be lazy in my house for the evening. But on the evenings I’m not working out, I really am making more of an effort to be social when I can.

I’ve also got seeing movies on my list. This is something that I love but I don’t seem to do often enough (at least often enough for me). I did go see “Jurassic World” this week by myself and had a great time. It was a really fun movie. The only negative were the people who decided to bring their toddlers in the movie and didn’t seem to shush them (or think it was inappropriate to bring a toddler to that movie). But beyond those little annoyances, that was a fun afternoon out.

The acting column on my happiness checklist is a little empty. I chose to only mark it off if I had an audition or an actor related event. But I do do tasks related to acting every day (like self-submitting or research). I just figured I’d only count it if it was more than something I could do alone in my house.

I’ve got just about a month before my next meeting with my therapist. I will be bringing in my checklists for him to look at. Mainly because I think he will be impressed that I actually did the homework he gave me for 90 days (although my appointment is actually on day 89). But I also really am trying to take my appointments with my therapist seriously. I’m trying to not just be there to get the medication. That might have been the reason I started, but that doesn’t have to be my motivation for continuing.

2 responses to “Update On My Checklist (or Working On Being Happy)

  1. thank you Jen. a happiness list . that was the motivation i needed right now. same here with the socialization part. too much effort to have to keep up with the to do tasks. to hell with the dishes waiting in the kitchen. 😉 and all thoughts related to it, that dragged me down after i finished work today (which was great though and looking forward to have more good fun, like movies, theatre , parties , friends, music. anything) . i saw that stuff and poof , there went all my energy.
    btw, i kept up with a few of the things i learned in the moneylovechallenge you wrote about earlier this year ! and one thing i did not keep up with. the happiness jar. or maybe that was something i read about somewhere else.
    would love to read more about whats happening with your happy list .
    thats better than any synthetic happiness, being on a natural healthy high.
    keep up 🙂

  2. I love your blog so much! The idea of making a happiness checklist makes me happy.

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