Making Friends As An Adult (or Am I Weird?)

I’ve seen several articles online about how difficult it is to make friends as an adult. It might be easy when you have kids because you then gain “mommy friends”, but in general it’s supposed to be tough.

It’s easy to make friends when you are in school. And I guess that some people have a tough time making more friends out of college (or high school).

But I don’t get that. I’ve never really had that problem. Maybe it’s because I really didn’t make a ton of friends in college and I’m not really close to that many people I knew in high school. Once I moved to LA when I was 18, there are very few people from high school that I stayed in touch with. I’m in touch with many more now due to social media, but there are only a handful who I see regularly and try to call as often as I can.

In college, I somehow got a bad reputation with other students in my major (I heard that people thought I was a snob because I took acting classes outside of my college). So I had to look outside of my school to make friends in LA. And I lucked out with an amazing group of friends who I still am friends with (and I jokingly call my college friends even though many of them are 10 or 20 years older than me and weren’t in college when I was).

I also had the benefit (if you can call it that) of having to reconstruct my friend circle after my best friend from college ended our friendship. I had very few friends left after that happened and I had to work really hard to find new friends. I’ve said it before but I am grateful that that happened to me because I have amazing friends in my life now. I wish that I could have still had my college friend in my life as well, but you can’t have everything.

I’ve also made a ton of new friends through Tone It Up. Again, this came pretty easily to me. I think it may be because I’ve done this so many times before and it doesn’t feel awkward at all to find new friends as an adult.

And every time I add a new friend to my life, so many wonderful things come with it. While it may sound like I have millions of friends, there are a limited number of people who I am very close to. And those people are all so special to me and bring something great to my life.

You may be wondering what inspired this post. I got to spend a happy hour recently with someone who I’ve known for a while but have only recently become friends with. And it was such a wonderful happy hour where we had some great (and some ridiculous and silly) conversation. There was some amazing food as well.

Happy Hour

But if I was too scared to make new friends as a 30-something, I would have missed out on this. So I just wanted to share my experiences with you all and hopefully inspire you to take a leap and make a new friend, even if it scares you.

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