Live Podcast Episode (or Another Way You Can Support Me)

I joke that I have a million day jobs. It really does feel that way. But in reality, I have more like 6 or 7 (depending how you count them).

One of my day jobs is production coordinator on the Inside Acting Podcast. I’ve ¬†been a fan of this podcast since day 1, and in August I started helping out on their podcasts.

The two guys who host it, Trevor and AJ, are really great guys and I’m glad that they are my friends. I love helping out with this podcast because it really is a great way to learn new and interesting things about the entertainment industry.

The podcast has done 93 episodes so far. And for the 100th episode, we have something really amazing planned.

We are doing a live podcast episode partnered with SAG-AFTRA and the SAG Foundation!

The live podcast will be on March 12th at 7pm at the SAG Foundation office. Everyone is welcome to attend! And I’d love to see some blog readers there!

If you want to attend, you can email the podcast at and let us know you want to attend. Please only do this if you really can go. There is limited space, and we want to make sure the room is filled with amazing people!

And if you don’t listen to the podcast already, you should totally check it out! It’s available for free on iTunes or you can listen to it from the website. A lot of new people start from the beginning of the episodes and make their way through, and I think that is awesome! The podcast really has grown and evolved over the past 93 episodes.

It’s nice to have something happening in a day job that makes me this excited. I miss feeling this way sometimes. And I know that every day leading up to the live episode is going to be just as exciting!

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  1. S’gonna be awesome.

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