Podcast Picnic (or A Perfect Sunday Afternoon)

The podcast I work for is doing more and more hangouts with our listeners. I like this! We had a hangout recently at Native Foods (and we actually have one there tonight if you want to join us!) and we have more in the works.

This past weekend was a hiking and picnic hangout at Griffith Park. I had every intention of doing both the hike and picnic, but sadly I had a bad hip day that morning. So hiking was not going to be a good idea.

But I wasn’t going to miss out on the picnic! Since I wasn’t doing the hiking, I let another podcast team member know that I would get there early to save a picnic area for us. The park was a bit crowded (the hazards of being there on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon), but I found parking after a while and a perfect picnic spot!

Griffith Park Picnic

A couple of listeners of the podcast got there before the hikers were back. And a few minutes later, the hikers had finished their hike (they all looked like they had an awesome time) and we were ready to have our potluck picnic.

I brought some hummus, carrots, and pita chips. And everyone seemed to bring something different so we had an entire table full of food (sadly, I was so busy hanging out with people, I didn’t get a chance to take any other pictures at the picnic).

This picnic was just another awesome couple of hours with like-minded actors. Everyone is motivated and not just sitting around waiting for their “big break”. And everyone there was more than willing to share advice and stories with the rest of the group. That is such a rarity. I’ve encountered so many actors who believed that if they struggled to find the information at one point, everyone should have to do the same struggle.

Because Griffith Park shuts down at sunset (and cars can be towed starting then), the picnic wasn’t as long as I wish it would have been. Time flew by so quickly and there was so much more that we all wanted to talk about. Good thing that we are all pretty much going to be at the event tonight so we can continue our conversations.

If you aren’t a listener of Inside Acting and you work in the entertainment industry in any field, I highly recommend listening to our podcast! We just launched our new website (which is very nice looking) and our new membership program (which lets you be a part of our online community, mastermind group, and courses).

And hopefully I’ll see some of you at Native Foods tonight!

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