Girls Night Out (or How to Find a Cute Dress When You Are Bigger Than a Size 18)

Last night, my Girls Night Out group got together for an evening at The Magic Castle! It was awesome! I had been there one time before, but that was with my parents, so this was a whole different type of evening!

Two of the girls in my group were chosen to be volunteers in the main stage show, so that was awesome. And we met some pretty cute guys there too!

One of the rules of The Magic Castle is the dress code. Guys have to be in a coat and tie (which might make them look cuter!), and ladies have to be in dresses.

I love a good excuse to dress up. In LA, an evening out normally means jeans and heels (or Uggs if it’s under 60 degrees out). But this was a formal evening!

In general, there are not too many places that I can find clothes at my current size. It seems most stores either have old lady clothes or slut wear. I have found one amazing store for dresses (Kiyonna), but unless I have the time to drive down to Anaheim to try on the dresses, I have to order them online, which I hate.

But somehow, I found a super cute dress for last night at Torrid, and of course I got a new purse to go with it. But to find that super cute dress, I tried to find a dress at at least 6 other stores first with no luck in my size.

I know it’s a struggle to find things to wear right now, and hopefully I’ll be able to change that soon. But I think every girl can agree that when you find a dress that you love, you feel beautiful no matter what size the label says.