A Birthday Brunch (or Celebrating With Some Fabulous Ladies)

Recently it was my friend Brandi’s birthday. Right before her birthday she sent me an invite to her birthday party which was a brunch at 26 Beach.

I love when my friends have casual birthday get together like this. There are always a lot of people who can attend and it’s a relaxing time. I was so excited to hang out with everyone.

While 26 Beach might be famous for their French Toast, I’m trying to be good even on splurge days. So while a lot of the girls ordered some delicious sounding French Toasts plates (some of which came with ice cream), I tried to have a healthier splurge.


I got eggs, bacon, and breakfast potatoes. It was super yummy and not too horrible of a splurge.

Most of the afternoon was spent just catching up with these ladies. Everyone has been up to some fabulous things and I loved hearing about them! Brandi, along with some other friends, won a film festival recently for her short film “Muted” and will have her film airing on HBO soon! It was awesome to hear about the adventure that winning that festival has taken them on.

This gathering made me miss doing more stuff with our Girls Night Out group (many of those girls were at the brunch). We are going to try to make an effort to have an outing every few months so we can make sure that we don’t go 6 or 7 months without being together as a group.

And of course, since this was a celebration of Brandi’s birthday, there was an ice cream cone with a candle in it and everyone in the room sang Happy Birthday to her.


After that, I had to head out. I had a lot to get done that afternoon/evening and I needed to start my preparation. But before I left, we got a group picture (or an almost all group picture since some girls had to leave before we could take it).


I love getting to spend time with these ladies. They are going to be the leaders in the entertainment industry soon, I just know it. Everyone is so motivated and talented and they inspire me to do more and push myself so I can feel like I’m catching up to all of them.

I’m just so lucky that I get to call them my friends.

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