Getting My Rowing In (or Burning Lots Of Calories)

It had been a while since I had a run/row day at Orangetheory and I kept asking if we could have one on one of my workout days. I guess this week was the payback for asking for that.

Monday was a pretty normal day. Or at least as normal as a workout could be after going to the dentist in the morning. To be honest, because I was coming down from my panic meds I don’t remember too much about this workout. I know that I got through it just fine and I had moments were I started to wonder if I should increase my weights again. That’s a good sign and I’m hoping to start thinking about which movements I can do with a heavier weight and start doing that this week.

Wednesday was a run/row day. It was a pretty typical run/row set up and I was happy about that. Since rowing is one of my weaker things, I’m always happy to get to have some time to work on improving it. I still struggled with the longer rows, but I’m definitely much better at sprint rows (200 meters and under are sprints in my mind).

I did learn one thing about run/row days that I didn’t think about before. I’ve been averaging 3,000-4,000 steps in my workouts. So I know that I can get those added to my goal of 10,000 steps on my Fitbit on any of my workout days. On run/row days, I still will get some steps in, but it’s much less than compared to a usual workout day. So I can’t keep depending on my workouts as being a big chunk of my steps for the day. I need to get more done at home before working out.

Friday was one of the hardest row days since Hell Week. I don’t even know if you could call it a run/row day. It was just a crazy day.

To explain this the best I can, I will call one half of the class the weights section and the other half the rowing section. But you’ll see that that isn’t quite how it split up.

I started on the weights section. We had about 6 different things to do (mainly ab work) on the floor. After getting through those 6 movements, we then had to head to the treadmill. We then had a 90 second push (I did this at 10% incline) followed by a 60 second all-out (I did this at 15% incline). Once we finished on the treadmill, we headed back to the floor to repeat the cycle. I think I got about 3 1/2 rounds down before the 22 minutes were up.

Next was the rowing section. First, we had to do a 1,000 meter row. I managed to do it without resting, but it was so hard and I needed time to catch my breath after that. Once that rowing was done, we used a medicine ball to do 15 shoulder press squats followed by 30 static squat presses. Then we had to do an 800 meter row. Followed by the same medicine ball routine. Then 600 meter row and medicine ball routine. At the end of this 22 minute section, I just finished the 400 meter row.

That is a lot of rowing to do in one workout! Fortunately the vertigo I had been experiencing recently had ended and my sunburn is almost completely healed so I was able to really feel like I did my best during all 3 workouts. Now reflecting on last week I really wish I had added a 4th workout to my week, but since the past 2 weeks were tough on me I was scared to push it. But for this week, I currently have 4 workouts scheduled so I’ll be back on track to reaching my 2015 workout goal.

If anyone from Orangetheory is reading this, I got my rowing fix in this past week. Hopefully this week will be less rowing!

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