First Week of Workouts After The Challenge (or Weird Workout Times)

So even though my Orangetheory challenge is over, I still think I’m going to blog about my workouts occasionally (or maybe continue the tradition of blogging about my workouts on Monday?). The only thing is, now that I don’t have to post photos on social media after every class, I have no photos from any classes this past week! It’s just so much easier to leave right after class to go home and shower instead of struggling to think of a pose for a photo.

With few exceptions, I’ve been working out at the same time every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And I’ve only worked out on those days. But this week changed because life kind of took over.

This past Monday was the Primetime Emmys, and I knew I would be live-tweeting them. Since the show started at 5pm here in Los Angeles, I knew that going to my usual 4:15 class wouldn’t work. So I took the 12:15 class. That class was taught by Megan, who I had never worked with before. But JZ, who teaches the Wednesday afternoon classes I go to, happened to be working out during that class! So JZ and I worked out together during the strength section. That was pretty awesome!

Wednesday was a workout as usual during my usual time. Nothing special except that I was super sore from Monday’s workout and it seemed like all the strength exercises we had to do on Wednesday were working out the exact muscles that hurt. I struggled, but I pushed through as much as I could.

And this past Friday, I didn’t work out! Shocking, I know! I had a full morning of work and then an audition in the afternoon that I found out about on Thursday. When I called Orangetheory to move my Friday class to be later, they told me that the later classes were full and had full wait lists! This is why I sign up at least a week in advance for my classes!

But I did have some free time after my work shift on Saturday morning, so I had my Friday workout on Saturday. It felt pretty weird, but at least I got in my three workouts for the week.

What this past week proved to me is that I really am willing to find a way to get in my workouts, no matter what other scheduling issues that come up.

I know that this week will also be a little weird because of today being a holiday (there are only morning classes). But besides that, I think I will be able to make my other usual classes. And I know I’ll get in my three workouts!

After all, I’m still in the weight loss challenge and I want to win that!

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