Finding Soul Mates (or Why I’m Having A Tough Time Finding An Improv Class)

I know that some people don’t believe in soul mates. I do. But I don’t believe that you just have one soulmate that you are supposed to marry and live happily ever after with. I feel like you have soul mate for all different parts of your life.

I know that I have friend soul mates. I have a friend that I’ve known for 20 years. She and I have stuck it out throughout the years, and I know that she will always be there for me. I have another friend soul mate who I think of as my nerdy friend soul mate. They just get all the weird stuff about me.

I have soul mates in acting too. I truly believe that the agents that I am with now are my agent soul mates. They get me, care about me, and work so hard to get me amazing auditions.

There is one acting related soul mate who has passed away and I’m still not totally over it. My acting coach soul mate, Kip King. I studied with Kip for about 8 years until he passed away in 2010. He was such an amazing teacher. I felt like all of my performances got so much better under his guidance.

Kip was a founding member of The Groundlings so his classes were very improv based. And since he passed away, I really couldn’t see myself going to another improv class.

Why am I thinking about this now? Last night, I went to a show at The Groundlings. Kip’s funeral was held there (the day of his funeral happened to be my birthday). This was only the second time I’ve gone back to the theater since the funeral, and I can’t sit where I sat then. It’s too hard. But the show was absolutely amazing (thanks Amir for the tickets). And it made me miss improv so much.

I don’t know if I could take classes at The Groundlings. At Kip’s funeral, they dedicated a classroom there to him. I think taking classes in the Kip King Classroom would be far too difficult for me. But I am finally starting to think more seriously about going back to improv. I know that Kip would want me to. Right now with my day job schedule, it’s a bit tough to add in another class, so I’m looking at taking some classes when the season ends for work. Hopefully then I’ll have made a decision on where to go.

And just because, here’s one of my favorite pictures with Kip. This photo was taken at Kip’s birthday in class.

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