Online Dating (or Finding Comedy in What’s Out There)

Several years ago, I tried online dating. It was horrible. Most of the people who contacted me were creeps, and the few people who seemed nice enough to meet in real life were not people I wanted to see again.

I’ve decided to give it another chance now that I’m older and (I hope) smarter.

And sadly, not much has changed with the guys I’m encountering online.

I’m registered on two different sites, JDate and I figured if I was going to go for it, go big or go home.

The guys I’m finding on JDate are good on paper and then when you start IMing or emailing them they show their true colors. And the guys that I’m finding on (or at least the ones who initiate contact with me) are pretty undesirable from just reading their profile.

There are a couple of red flags as soon as I see a profile. No photo, photo that looks like it may be a mug shot, horrible grammar/spelling/punctuation (such as this lovely email, “what do u like to do fro fun”), and being old enough to be my dad or grandpa (I had an 80 year old contact me).

So far, I haven’t wanted to meet anyone in person, but I’m not giving up yet. There could be someone decent out there.

And while I’m being contacted by the not-so-decent guys, I’m trying to laugh at the situation. Where else could you find someone who in a first email says that they need a woman who will cook, clean, look pretty 24/7 so they can feel like they are a success in life even though they don’t think they should have to work (I saw that on a profile)? Or find someone who is so open about needing to get married so they can stay in the country?

If nothing else, maybe I can turn this experience into a funny short film or something.

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