No More Novelty (or How Do You Stay Interested?)

Whenever I start something new in my life, there is a sense of novelty with it. I remember when I moved into the house that I live in now and I realized that I had my own trash can (as opposed to a dumpster that all residents share). I remember telling my dad how now I have to take my trash can to the curb on trash day like a real homeowner. Now, I’m annoyed on trash day if I’m at work and I forgot to take the can to the curb. I’m sure that I was also excited at first to pay bills. Now they are just something else that I have to do (there is no fun in paying bills).

When I started work again this season, I was having fun bringing my lunch to work. I’d make salads, sandwiches, or bring a bunch of snacks to eat. It was fun to know that I was doing something good for me (and not spending money going out to eat at lunch). But I’m getting bored with my lunches. There have been many days where I’ve just forgotten to pack my lunch, and I have to go out to get something.

I’ve looked up a lot of non-sandwich lunch things, but a lot of them involve cooking or using leftovers. Since I don’t make dinner most days (I really don’t want to cook when I get home at 9pm), I don’t have leftovers.

I’m trying to think of new ways to make sure that I don’t have to spend money I don’t have to spend on lunches every day. Maybe I need to cook at 8am on the days that I don’t leave for work until 11am (and just put the freshly cooked food in the fridge immediately). I don’t know if I really want to do that with my mornings (or make my house smell like that as soon as I wake up).

I’ve also thought of letting my slow cooker go overnight, but the idea of sleeping while something is cooking in my house makes me nervous. But you are supposed to be able to use a slow cooker when you aren’t home, so I don’t know if sleeping while one is going is any more dangerous (and I do have smoke detectors in my house that go off pretty easily).

Anyone have any advice to stay interested with food while I’m dealing with my crazy schedule? I’m seriously trying to stay on the healthy (and cheap) path with my meals, but there are only so many PB&J sandwiches that I can eat in a week (I have one for lunch today).

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  1. Maybe you could choose one day a week when you DO buy lunch. This way, you’re bringing lunch (and saving money) most of the week, but there’s one day that’s a treat?

    Also, I don’t know what your sandwiches are like, but I often bring lunch to work, and I found that my sandwiches were really (and unnecessarily) boring. Once I started using different things, like red onions, green peppers, dressings other than mayonnaise or mustard, etc, my sandwiches became more interesting. There’s probably a world of types of bread, spreads, cold cuts, etc that you’re just not using out of habit. Maybe try rolls instead of bread. Etc, etc.

    Just my two cents! (PS – I still need to talk to you about a 5K!)

  2. Make enough on the weekends for the whole week. I do that sometimes. Freeze/refrigerate the leftovers. Then I bring my lunch in a cooler. I also do this with salads, which are super easy to make. You can probably get away with doing food prep only twice a week this way. Going to the salad/hot food bar at Whole Foods is another option – no cooking required 😉

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