New Year’s Eve Fun (or Making Sure 2014 Is A Lucky Year)

I had a pretty low-key New Year’s Eve. I started off my day by working at my day job. Our typical shift on Tuesdays is from noon-8:30pm, but since nobody wants to be making calls in the evening on New Year’s Eve, our shift was changed to be 9am-1pm.

After work, I headed home to take a nap. I needed it so I could stay up until midnight (I woke up at 5am that morning). I spent the rest of my afternoon relaxing and getting random chores done.

Then I headed out to Marie and Chris‘s house. They were hosting a relaxing hangout for New Year’s Eve, and that sounded perfect to me!

I spent most of my evening just catching up with friends. Some of the people at the party I hadn’t seen for almost a year (since I missed the Halloween party this year).

There was also a fire in a fire pit in the backyard. Besides just being cool, many of us decided to spend New Year’s Eve making sure that 2014 would be a better year than 2013. So one of the people at the party brought paper for everyone to write their wishes for 2014 on. And as we finished them we put them in the fire so the ashes would rise up and the Universe would see our wishes.


I don’t know if New Year’s wishes are the same as birthday wishes, but just in case I jinx myself, I’m not going to share them. But you can pretty much figure out what I want based on my goals for this year.

We also put cinnamon and pumpkin pie spices in the fire. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger are supposed to be good luck spices. And besides giving us good luck for 2014, the spices made the fire look amazing!

IMG_2393 IMG_2401 IMG_2394 IMG_2402

Yes, we were all being safe around the fire.

As it got closer to midnight, the party headed inside to watch the NYC ball drop on tv (even though in reality it happened 3 hours earlier). We all got some champagne and celebrated the end of one year and the beginning of another.

And I did get a New Year’s kiss (on the cheek) from a friend of mine.

Since Marie and Chris live about 30 minutes (in no traffic) away from me, I wanted to head home pretty soon after midnight. The bars close at 2am and I knew that I didn’t want to be on the road when that happened. I left about 12:30am and got home safely and quickly.

Overall, it was the perfect New Year’s Eve party. Relaxing, fun, and surrounded by so many friends. I know that this will be the start of an amazing year for me.


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