Happy Birthday To FMIB! (or 2 Years And Finally Taking Myself Seriously As A Writer)

Today marks 2 years since I started blogging on here! I still can’t believe that I’ve been able to keep this up for so long. Even though there are plenty of days where I struggle thinking of what to post on here, I still have posted now every weekday for 2 entire years!

I really should stop being shocked at myself for being so consistent. And I’m also really working on taking myself seriously as a writer.

And that’s important to do now because I lost my one day job with steady hours.

So I’m down to 6 day jobs, but none of those have guaranteed hours. And some of them won’t have hours available to me until the end of August or beginning of September.

Since I haven’t been able to save any money lately (and I’m only able to make the minimum payments on my credit card), I’m desperately looking for new days jobs now.

I started applying for the usual types of jobs like receptionist/assistant/data entry type of work. But then some people encouraged me to pursue writing jobs. They said that I am a writer (I’m working on believing that myself). I have over 500 posts on here to prove that as well as over a year of monthly posts on two other blogs.

So I spent some time creating a new resume highlighting my writing experience (there really isn’t much yet) and started to apply for various blogging and copy writing jobs. I probably applied for about 50 or 60 jobs, but I have heard back from one already. They wanted to know my blogging background and I had to answer a dozen questions about how I would handle different job situations.

I’m so glad that when I responded, I could say proudly that I had been writing on here for about 2 years (I applied for the jobs earlier this week so my 2 year mark hadn’t hit yet and I wanted to be totally honest). I also was able to provide multiple writing samples about various subjects.

While the job hunt is getting me down a bit, I’m going to spend today in a celebratory mood. 2 years is a huge milestone! I should allow myself to be happy and proud!

And I know that there are a bunch of you who have been supporting and following me through the entire 2 year life of this blog so far and I have to say thank you! Every day I’m still amazed that there are people reading this and responding about things that are going on in my life! And if you are new to following me, thanks for all the support you’ve already given to me and I hope that my next 2 years on here will bring more fun posts to share with you all!

4 responses to “Happy Birthday To FMIB! (or 2 Years And Finally Taking Myself Seriously As A Writer)

  1. congratulations and thank you for putting up your daily posts so openly . i am fairly new following your blog and look forward reading every day. very encouriging . i wish you all the best for finding work that makes you happy AND brings you the needed cash.

  2. Congratulations on your bloggniversary!!! That’s a huge accomplishment and you should definitely feel very proud of yourself. Best of luck with the job hunt and I do hope you land your dream writing gig!

  3. fairygoodiemother

    This is an INCREDIBLE achievement!

    Like I told you before…you inspire me!

    I hope to have a 2 year bloganiversary too!

    🙂 A

  4. Congratulations on blogging for 2 years! That is definitely something to be proud of!
    Also don’t sell yourself on being a writer! Writing your own blog is an accomplishment in itself and makes you a writer!

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