A Concert, Film Premiere, And A Fire Pit (or The Best Saturday Evening Ever!)

After taking my spin class on Saturday, I rushed home to shower and change so I could head over to my friends Chris and Marie‘s house. They were having a party at their house, and I knew it was one not to be missed.

This party was first of all a birthday party for Darci, who I met through Marie and Chris many years ago (if you ever need a vocal coach, Darci is amazing!!). There was also going to be a concert in the backyard featuring Mark Aaron James. And finally, Chris was going to premiere the show film he shot recently.

When I got to the house, there was a little bit of time before the concert was going to start, so I got to catch up with my friends who were there. Then I took a seat and got ready to hear the show.


And the show was amazing! Mark was so good and his songs were awesome. The music was very fun to listen to and he has really clever lyrics (if you want to buy one of his CDs, you can do so at this link). Darci got up and sang backup for one of the songs as well, and that was really fun to watch.

After the concert, we all headed inside the house to check out the film that Chris did.


It was a cute little short and I encouraged Chris to submit it to the film festival I run. Hopefully it will make it in (I have nothing to do with programming so I can’t help him out that way).

And of course, since we were all there to celebrate Darci’s birthday, there was birthday cake.


After the cake and short film, some of us headed outside to hang out by the fire pit.


There were some hot dogs that you could cook over the fire as well as marshmallows. I cooked a hot dog, but since there were not graham crackers for the marshmallows, I ate one uncooked (they are just as delicious raw).

Eventually, I had to head out since it’s like a 30-45 minute drive home and I was still pretty tired from that spin class. It was an awesome night getting to hang out with friends and I’m already looking forward to the next Marie and Chris party!

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