Yoga Fail (or I’m Trying Not To Judge Based on One Class)

Earlier this summer, there was a Living Social deal for a month of unlimited yoga at a studio in Santa Monica for $50. A friend and I both bought it hoping that we could go to a couple of yoga classes together.

The deal was going to expire next month and we hadn’t started to use it. Yesterday, I had the day off (nobody wants to make sales calls while election results are coming in), so we decided to take our first class.

There was a class on Tuesdays for people who are recovering from injuries, and since I have my bad hips and my friend had knee surgery a few years ago, we thought we’d try that class. Plus, we didn’t know what the levels would be like, so we decided to start with the easiest class we could find.

Turns out, that was a big mistake.

In the beginning of class, the teacher asked us all about our injuries. I liked that part. I mentioned my bad hips and how it’s tough for me to stay still. For some reason, constant movement causes the least amount of pain.

The class was 90 minutes long, and in those 90 minutes, we did a total of 2 yoga poses. Yup, 2. I guess technically it could be called 3 because one pose was done on both the left and right side. We held each pose for something like 20 minutes. I was in so much pain that I started to shake. And when I would take a break to try to make my hips feel better, the instructor would come and get me back into the correct pose.

I’m not entirely comfortable in group workout classes. I’m usually the biggest person there and I feel like people are looking at me. The only workout class that hasn’t made me feel uncomfortable is when I’ve gone to Richard Simmons, but my work schedule doesn’t allow me to go to any of his classes.

I was almost limping when we left the class. My friend didn’t have a great time either. It was not a workout. It didn’t seem like yoga. I mentioned it was like meditation, but my friend did say how meditation should be relaxing and after that class we both hurt the same or worse than we did before.

Needless to say, I won’t be returning to that particular yoga class again. We do have 30 more days, and we are going to go to a level 1/2 class on Thursday. Hopefully that class will be more my speed and will make me enjoy the next month of yoga classes.

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