Working To Find Work (or Maybe My Last Work Related Post Did Get Read)

Earlier this week I posted about a woman who lied and insulted me on the phone while trying to convince me that I should be grateful to work for her. I really thought that I would hear back from her about an interview and then I could meet her and find out who she really is.

I’m actually shocked to say that she has not contacted me again. Maybe she realized that I wasn’t falling for anything she said. Maybe she had no job openings and was just goofing off on the phone. Or maybe she actually read the post that I wrote about her and crossed me off her list.

Whatever the reason, I don’t think that I will ever hear from her again. I did tell my friend’s aunt that she’s more likely to see her before I will. And maybe if that happens, my friend’s aunt could find out more information about her and pass it on to me.

As much as I wanted to see who this person was so I could warn other people about her, I have to let it go. I really do need to find another job to fill in my schedule and I have to only focus on real possibilities.

Until September, I won’t be able to get more work at my box office job. I’ve talked to my supervisor about it and we did have a pretty serious talk. But the way things are set up right now, there is only room for one part-time employee to work each day. And that is going to go to someone who can work the entire shift (unless there’s some weird reason that nobody could and then maybe I would get a chance). We are still discussing any other possibilities for me to come in, but I also understand the reality of the situation.

But I do have a job interview for another job next week, and I’m actually pretty excited about it. It’s for the company I worked for earlier this year doing recruiting for movie screenings. Even though I’m a pretty outgoing person, it turned out that I was just too shy and timid to work the recruiting job.┬áBut I saw a posting on craigslist that they needed someone to do coding/data entry. It would eventually be work from home, but for several months I would have to do on-site training and it would be during graveyard shift hours (11pm-6am).

While I don’t want to work a graveyard shift job, I am willing to train during those hours if it leads to a great work from home job. My interview is on Tuesday and I feel good about going in for it. I know the company from working there as a recruiter and I left on good terms (at least I think I did). When I left, I was very honest that I just didn’t think that the job was the right fit for me. But I told them that if there were any other job openings in the future I’d love to work with them again.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up about this job interview. There’s a chance that they won’t want to hire me since I did work for them briefly in the past. So I’m still spending a few hours a day searching online for jobs and applying for everything that seems right (and pays decently enough).

Hopefully soon I’ll have another job and I can finally start relaxing about paying my bills.

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  1. all the best for you on tuesday . go for the real chance .

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