What I’m Listening To (or I’m Not A Music Person)

I spend a lot of time in my car. I work 6 days a week at one job, and I never know when I’ll be driving to an audition somewhere across town. I like driving (I get that from my mom). I don’t even mind traffic all the time.

I have a cable that I got installed in my car so I can play music from my iPhone through my stereo speakers. I love having this. But most of the things I listen to aren’t music.

I don’t particularly love music. If I have a visual memory tied to a song, I love it. So most of the music on my phone are soundtracks from musicals, tv shows, or movies.

But what I love listening to are podcasts. I’m obsessed with podcasts. And I’ve had some friends ask me in the past for some recommendations on podcasts, so I figured I’d put them all up here.

So here they are:

Entertainment Industry Related-

Inside Acting Podcast (yes I work from them now, but that just started so I’m not totally biased)

KCRW The Treatment

KCRW The Business

KCRW Film Reviews

KCRW Hollywood Breakdown

How I Met Your Mother Podcast

Making it With Riki Lindhome

News Related-

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

KCRW LA Observed

Educational Podcasts-

Grammar Girl

Modern Manners Guy

Money Girl

Nutrition Diva

Domestic CEO

And Just For Fun Podcasts-



The Moth

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