Week 1 Of Orangetheory (or Wow, I’m 1/8 Of The Way Done With My Challenge!)

Before doing my recap of my first week at Orangetheory, I want to mention that today is the 8 year anniversary of my hip surgery. Each year that passes is a huge milestone for me because since my surgeon discovered the same defect in my left hip, he said I wouldn’t make it more than a few years without needing my next surgery. While I’m definitely in more pain this year than I was last year, I’m still not to the point where I need my next surgery. And I think that my first week of my Orangetheory challenge proved that I’m tough and my hip is still strong!

I was very nervous going into the first week. Like I had said before, it’s been a while since I’ve done 3 tough workouts in one week. Honestly, I haven’t done that since I was skinny. But I tried to go into the week with a positive mind and think that this is a challenge and I need to prove to myself that I can do it.

Before going to my first workout, I took a series of before pictures (part of my deal is to have before/after photos as well as photos after each workout). I shared my before photos on social media and got a pretty positive response from people. They were proud of me for starting a challenge and they were cheering me on.


Fortunately, that first workout was similar to the other workouts I had done at Orangetheory. So that helped with the nerves and I was able to get a good strong workout in for my first day.


My workout on Wednesday was a bit tougher. I was still a little sore from Monday (although nothing like my very first workout). So I took a painkiller and went to class. I was able to really do some good work on the rowing machine (something I had never used before going to Orangetheory). And during the treadmill segment, I did my fastest mile since December! That was pretty amazing!

And since I have to take a photo after each workout, I decided that I want to be creative with the photos. It wouldn’t be fun if every photo was just a sweaty selfie. So I got one on the rowing machines with the trainer from that class, JZ and the guy who help set up this challenge for me, Jonathan.


Workout 3 had a new challenge for me. Since it was on 4th of July I couldn’t take my usual afternoon class. I had to go in at 8am. And since my body takes a while to wake up and not feel stiff, I had to wake up earlier than I like to. But that’s ok. I was able to get my workout in before having fun that afternoon (I’ll post about that tomorrow).

I challenged myself even more on the treadmills on Friday. During the treadmill segment, there are 3 levels that you workout on. You have your base pace which is something you can do for 30 minutes, you have a push pace, and you have an all out sprint. For runners, you increase your speed for push and all out. But for walkers (like me), you increase your elevation on the treadmill. During all out, walkers are supposed to be at 10-15% incline. I usually have it at 10%, but this time I went for 15% and was able to do it!

We also had a 5 minute distance challenge. I knew as the only walker I was not going to win that challenge, but I decided to see what I could do if I only had to do it for 5 minutes. I went faster than I had before and was able to do a quarter-mile in under 5 minutes! I’m usually walking at a 21 or 22 minute pace, so a quarter-mile in under 5 minutes is pretty amazing!

Friday’s photo was all about the TRX straps. I had never used these before Orangetheory and to be honest, I was intimidated by them. But by using them (as well as some of the other equipment available), I’ve realized how strong I really am!


After working out 3 days in the week, I really felt it by Friday afternoon. And I’m glad I had the weekend off. But now it’s time to start week 2 and see what else I’m able to push myself to do!

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  1. Yay! πŸ™‚ Go Jen! You’re doing so awesomely! (I know I said that already, but I wanted to post it on your blog for posterity) πŸ™‚

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