Waiting On The Wait List (or The Text That Made My Week)

I think it’s pretty obvious now that I’m very focused on making sure that my workouts happen each week. While I’ve set my minimum number of workouts a week at 3, I really strive for 4. Especially since there are some weeks coming up soon where 4 workouts will be impossible. And if I want to reach my goal of 175 workouts this year, I have to spend about half the year working out 4 times a week.

This week was one of those weeks where I thought I could get in 4 workouts. Then, I found out about an event on Friday (more about that tomorrow) that I wasn’t going to miss. And since I thought I was starting my temp job this week, I didn’t know when else I could workout.

Then, I found out that the start date for the temp job was pushed back so I tried to get into a Thursday class. Unfortunately, there was already a waitlist and no guarantee that I would get in. I tried to think positively, but I was worried that I wouldn’t get in. I even wore my workout clothes that day not knowing whether or not I would get in my workout.

But then, I got this text and had a super enthusiastic response to it.

OTF Text

Thank goodness I got into class! I needed the workout after the crazy week I had at work and I love that my workouts are now the way I deal with stress (instead of food).

All my workouts this week went really well. I’m having some increasing hip issues with lifting my legs during step ups on the benches, but there are modifications that I can do. And I have an appointment with a hip surgeon in a few weeks, so I’ll go over that problem with them.

My favorite workout this week was on Saturday. Since it was Valentine’s Day, it was a partner workout. Partner workouts are great because I feel extra motivated to get through my sets quickly. My partner is depending on me. The cardio portion of the partner workout was a run/row. I ended up spending more than half of my time on the rower. I’m getting much better at the rower (I rowed 750 meters and 1000 meters without stopping earlier this week). While my technique isn’t perfect because of my hip, I’m definitely a better rower now than I was even a month ago.

The strength portion of the partner workout was half floor work and half strap work. When one of us was on the strap, the other was on the floor. The moves were all pretty tough, but I had an amazing partner (who I only met for the first time in class when we had to partner up). We got through the entire rotation of work twice, and I don’t believe that any other team was able to do so.

While I did get my 4 workouts in this week, the next 2 or 3 weeks will have to be 3 workout weeks. I’ve got lots of things coming up that will affect when I can work out (like being out-of-town or running my film festival). It actually making me a bit mad that I won’t be able to do 4 workouts in a week for a while, but I’m trying to go easy on myself. And I am trying a super early (at least for me) workout today so if that works out well for me, I might add that in to some of the weeks where I can only do 3 afternoon or weekend workouts.

As always, I’ll update you next week how this new plan goes!

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