Testing My Running (or Holidays and Friends)

This past week of workouts was pretty good for me. It was a 3 workout week because of my schedule, but that’s ok because I’ve figured out what weeks this month will work for 4 workout weeks. I was able to work on a lot of running stuff this week, so that worked out really great for me!

Since Monday was a holiday (4th of July), it was a 3G class which means that instead of having 2 groups in the workout we had 3. Those classes are pretty rare for me to take so it was pretty cool to get to do one that day. And not only was the class a 3G, we were switching between blocks and all the blocks were about 4 minutes long. So every 4 minutes we were switching around the room and it was pretty crazy!

On the treadmill, I tried my best to run all the push and all-out paces. I wasn’t able to do all of them because they started to get long, but I was able to do a good majority of them. When I was on the rower, we had rows that were between 100-300 meters and then we had arm work to do after we finished the row. And on the floor, we had to do ultimate burpees every round before the rest of the floor work. It was a lot of work, but since the blocks were short and we moved so often it didn’t feel too bad. And I was able to get my workout done in the morning before there was too much holiday traffic!

4th of July

Wednesday was a run/row day, and my friend Amanda was in class! She’s starting to come every other week for the Wednesday workout, so that makes me pretty happy! While the class isn’t a team or partner thing, I still prefer when I have a friend there with me to make things a bit more fun.

The run/row day was an endurance day and I was doing my best on the treadmill to maintain a 1 minute run/1 minute walk pace on the treadmill the entire time. I did run the last run thing in whole since it was a .1 mile run and I know I can do that. The row was either 200 or 400 meters so it wasn’t too horrible and the 200 meters were a sprint so I could get them done really quickly. When we moved over to the floor, we had a lot of arm work (pullovers, bicep/hammer curls, and shoulder presses) and I was feeling pretty exhausted at the end and my arms were ready to be done. But at the very end of class we had a 4 minute core blast and then my abs were so tired that I missed the arm work.

Friday was a workout that had 3 friends in it so it was a really great vibe in the room! And that great vibe was needed because the workout was a bit weird for the day. We had 1 cardio block and 1 row block (each was 23 minutes long) and both blocks had strength work. On cardio, we had a .25 mile or .15 mile run and then we went to the floor to do pull-ups on the TRX straps, pop jacks, and crunches. The .25 mile run was the first one to be done and I decided since I’ve been able to run it before I would do it again. It was a lot tougher this time to run the .25 miles than it was last time but I was able to get it done without a walking break. But after doing that once, I realized it wasn’t the smartest plan for me so I did the rest of my treadmill time with the 1 minute run/1 minute walk plan.

When we switched to the row, we first had to row between 1000-600 meters. Then after doing that we had squats and some weight work like shoulder presses and arm rows (which felt really evil to me after we had to do so much rowing before that). Those rows were so long and all of my friends agreed that the Friday workout felt significantly longer than any other workout that we’ve ever done before! I was feeling a bit more tired than I like to after a workout after the one on Friday, but I got through it and I had the giant sweat mark on my shirt to prove it!


The next few weeks of workouts will be a bit of a scheduling ordeal for me to work though. This week should be ok (I think I’ve got it figured out), but I’ve got a trip coming up that will be making my workout schedule a bit tough to figure out. I’m working on a couple of plans and I think I’ll be able to do 3 workouts a week minimum each week even with my traveling coming up.

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