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Vulture Festival (or TV Writers and A Sing-A-Long)

This past weekend was the Vulture Festival in LA. This was the first year that the event was held in LA and I was invited to come check it out! Vulture Festival is a weekend-long pop-culture event with panels featuring actors, writers, directors, and other people involved in film and TV. I was super excited to check this out and even more excited that I was invited to be press coverage there!

It still makes me a bit giddy to get a press pass for something and this time it allowed me to attend different panels. There weren’t reserved seats for press, so I tried to get there early for the panels I was attending. But because this happened on what ended up being a crazy busy weekend for me, I could only attend 2 panels (one on each day).

The panel I attended on Saturday was with Damon Lindelof (the creator/writer of Lost, The Leftovers, and lots of other amazing shows) and Mike Schur (the creator/writer of The Good Place, Parks and Recreation, and other hit shows).

This panel ended up being pretty incredible. While they both talked about their shows and they had a really great working relationship together, I really appreciated how they discussed the state of the industry. They discussed all the various sexual harassment issues happening now and they both acknowledged that they were a part of the problem. It takes a really good person to admit that you have done things that now looking back could be sexual harassment and that the other person involved might have felt like they couldn’t say anything because the person saying it was someone in power.

They also discussed how one way to stop the power issues that cause sexual harassment is to have more diversity in the writers room and in powerful positions. If it is a boys’ club, there is a risk of that mentality becoming something that isn’t positive. But if women are viewed as equals in the industry, this problem hopefully will decrease.

But there was a lot of funny stuff discussed too. Mike Schur talked about how Damon Lindelof helped him when he was creating The Good Place. And they both talked about how series finales of shows can cause lots of debate. While I haven’t watched a lot of their shows, I was inspired leaving this panel to watch more of them because I want to support creators/writers who really are good people and want to make this industry a more accepting and supportive environment.

And on Sunday, I got to go to the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Sing-A-Long panel.

I knew this one was going to be packed, so I got there early to get a good seat. I lucked out by getting a seat on the end of the second row. This panel included actors, writers, choreographers, producers, and creators of the show. They talked about a lot of things about having a musical comedy on tv like how sometimes the songs are finished the night before the actor has to record them. They also discussed how the show has taken a more serious turn but that there is still comedy in those darker moments.

And throughout the entire panel, they had sing-a-longs with different songs of the show. Most of the time, the actor that sang it in the show sang it at the panel too. But a lot of people in the audience sang too (I didn’t since my singing voice is horrible). But to me, I loved watching how much everyone who wasn’t singing loved seeing their co-stars and co-workers singing their hearts out and having fun.

It’s so clear that everyone on this show has a blast working on it and they know how lucky they are to be a part of something so special. I can only hope to get to be a part of something like this one day.

And one of the coolest things that happened at the panel was that they premiered a song that will be coming up on the show. It was the first time it had been shown and most of the actors hadn’t seen the final cut either. Everyone on stage and in the audience was laughing so hard and I can’t wait for this episode to air (I believe it is the next episode).

I really wish that I had been able to attend more panels over the weekend. I heard amazing things about so many other panels but the schedule just wasn’t going to work for me. But now I know to be on the lookout for when the Vulture Festival will be back in LA because I want to save the entire weekend for it! It was held at the Hollywood Roosevelt and I wish I had more time to explore there. I had only been there once or twice before and I wanted to check out more. There was also an event after each panel at the pool that I had to skip out on because of needing to get back home.

But even though my time at the Vulture Festival was limited, I had a great time and left feeling very inspired and creative. That’s exactly how I want to feel every day!


Another “Gilmore Girls” Adventure (or Netflix FYSee)

I’ve talked about being a big “Gilmore Girls” fan on here before. It’s a show that I loved when it was on the air (my mom and I watched together) and I still love when I see repeats on tv. And when “Gilmore Girls” came back to have a new season on Netflix, there were a bunch of events related to the show that happened in LA. I didn’t make it to all of them, but I did attend the pop up event at UCLA a little while back.

Right now, tv shows are starting to prepare their award season campaigns. They are usually called FYC events (FYC means For Your Consideration). But Netflix is doing something extra called FYSee that is open to people who aren’t necessarily those in charge of nominating shows. They are a combination of a screening, panel with cast members, and an amazing space that has lots of stuff to check out. I got invited to attend the “Gilmore Girls” FYSee event through a couple of organizations I’m a part of and I RSVPed immediately! And my friend Elisa (who is a part of my Pantages group) is a huge fan too and she was super excited to get to go too!

This event was held in a huge space that had different areas dedicated to different Netflix shows.

I think my favorite section was the giant bubble wall (I believe that it was a part of the “Luke Cage” set up). They were the perfect place to take some awesome photos and I think I might have gotten a bit obsessed with how fun it was in there!

The space for the panel was on one end of the space and when we walked in we immediately saw a little set up similar to Luke’s Diner that had some of the things I saw at the UCLA event.

And on the other side was a giant candy bar! Everything was in individual servings and Elisa and I both took a few things to try. Both of us agreed that the pretzels were the best snack.

We went to claim seats in the panel area and while we headed over there we saw a waiter bringing around little sliders to eat. I wasn’t expecting food at this event (there was also a bar) so I was pleasantly surprised by the food options and this was a pretty filling dinner.

Because we went quickly to claim seats, we were in the front row on the side of the stage. I laughed because it reminded me about how we have our Pantages seats toward the front but off to the side.

We had gotten there a bit early so there was a bit of time to wait. But we used that time to enjoy our food, catch up, and just enjoy being at a fun event. And when things were getting started they played a pretty funny clip from one of the episodes of the newest season before the panel started.

The panel was Lauren Graham (who played Lorelei) and the moderator was Mae Whitman who starred with Lauren Graham in “Parenthood” and also had a small part in the new season of “Gilmore Girls”. The panel started with Mae Whitman asking Lauren Graham a bunch of really great questions about coming back to a show after many years away and how the production worked. And then the Q&A was open to the audience.

I’ve attended a lot of Q&A events where the audience can ask questions and sometimes they can get a bit ridiculous. But this audience was really great and had some nice and insightful questions to ask that I was interested in hearing the answers for (instead of asking questions like how they can get a job on that show).

After the panel was done, there was about an hour before the screening started. I was originally planning on trying to stay for the screening, but I’ve already seen all the new episodes at home since they are on Netflix. And it was getting a bit late for me so I was tired. Elisa was feeling the same way I was so we took time to go around all the various installations for the Netflix shows and have some more of the amazing pretzels!

I loved how much fun this event was. I know I’m so lucky that they opened it up to people who aren’t necessarily those who are nominating shows and I really appreciated how they made this a fun mix between a formal event to nominate shows and a fan event. It was a great opportunity to learn more about a show that I love and to make me want more episodes! I have no clue if Netflix will be doing another season, but if they do I hope that there are more “Gilmore Girls” events for me to go to!

Game Of Thrones The Musical (or A GOT Newbie)

A little bit ago, I wrote about my friend Erin and her “Once Upon A Time: The Rock Opera”. Even though I don’t watch the show the spoof is based on, I had so much fun and it was really great! It’s not easy for a spoof show to be something for fans of the show and newbies alike, but that’s exactly what Erin did with the rock opera. So when Erin told me that she was a part of a new spoof show, I said I wanted to see it even before I knew what the show it was based on was!

This time, she was a part of “Game of Thrones: The Musical”. I’ve never really seen “Game of Thrones”, but that didn’t stop me from being so excited to see the show! Erin was so generous and gave me a ticket plus an extra ticket to bring a friend. And I ended up bringing my friend Camber who is familiar with the show. I figured that she could help explain anything to me that I wasn’t able to understand.

The show is at the Macha Theatre in West Hollywood so it was pretty easy for me to get to (plus they have a parking structure right across the street). The theater had a nice bar (I can’t drink right now but Camber was able to get a great drink) and when the doors opened we were able to get some great seats in the second row where we had a perfect view of the stage.

And just like with the rock opera, this musical was designed very nicely for fans of the show and people who didn’t know the show. There were plenty of jokes that I didn’t get but everyone around me seemed to think were hysterical. But more often than not I felt like I understood everything and was able to follow the storyline of the show.

There were 12 original songs for the show and they were all so funny and I was laughing so hard during almost all of them. Again, the songs had some inside jokes that I missed but I never really felt like I was excluded or lost while watching. That is such a hard balance to find because they didn’t want to dumb down the show for newbies like me to understand everything.

When intermission happened, Camber was able to explain some things to me that I didn’t understand and also explained some of the jokes. I was telling her how my friend Erin was in this and my friend Ace (Erin’s husband) was in the show as well. I was showing Camber the photos from when I saw Ace in “Aladdin” at Disneyland and she thought that was pretty funny. Ace’s character in this show is nothing like Aladdin.

The second half of the show, was just as good as the first. And when it was done I was a little disappointment because I was enjoying myself so much! I never really cared to watch “Game of Thrones” before, but now I really want to! The show is based on a lot of the first season, so I’m thinking about watching the first season and then going back to see the musical again. Then I will be able to get so many more of the jokes!

After the show was done, the cast came out to take photos with everyone. Of course, Camber and I had to take advantage of that!

I got to talk to Erin and Ace after the show to tell them how much I liked it (they both knew I don’t watch the tv show and were pleased to know that I didn’t feel too lost watching it). I really wanted to talk to them more and tell them more about my favorite parts of the show, but there were so many people who wanted to talk to them and I didn’t want to take up more of their time. But hopefully I can tell them later (or they will see this post and know!).

If you are in Los Angeles or will be out here between now and March 12th, I highly recommend checking out the show! The tickets are cheaper if you buy them online (and you can use the promo code “king” for an extra discount!), plus then you don’t have to take the risk that the show will be sold out at the door! And if you aren’t in LA, you can download the soundtrack to the musical. The lyrics are so funny and I think that any fan of the show will love the songs. But I really do think everyone should go to see this show. It’s tough to find great theater that is affordable, and this is one of the better shows I’ve seen. I could see this being on a tour and being a big hit soon. So if you go now, you can say that you knew it before the world knew about it!

Thank you again Erin, Ace, and the entire cast of “Game of Thrones The Musical” for inviting me to see the show this past weekend! I had an amazing time and I really am hoping that I can come back to see the show again before you close!

Gilmore Girls Time! (or A Fun Afternoon At UCLA)

I think pretty much everyone has heard by now that “Gilmore Girls” is coming back with new episodes on Netflix. I’m really excited about this! “Gilmore Girls” was one of the first shows that I can think of that my mom and I watched together but in different locations (she was in the Bay Area and I was living in LA) where we would talk after the show to discuss the episode. My mom and I have always been really close, but having this show to connect us when I moved away from home helped to keep our bond strong.

I may get to watch one of the new episodes with my mom since they premiere the day after Thanksgiving and I’ll still be in San Diego then. But we probably will still be watching most of it separately and then discussing the show after we finish it. But either way, knowing that one of my favorite shows is coming back (even if it is only 4 episodes that are 90 minutes each) is making me so happy!

There have been a lot of “Gilmore Girls” related events happening leading up to the new season. There were the Luke’s Diners that popped up all over the country for the day, but I wasn’t able to make it to that due to work conflicts. And more recently there was the premiere of the first episode of the new season, but I couldn’t go to that either. But when I heard that there was going to be an event at UCLA where they made it look like Stars Hollow (the town in the show), I knew I had to go!

I got my tickets and then shared online that I was going. A few of my friends got tickets, but it quickly sold out so it was going to be a small group of just the 3 of us. One of my friends was going to get in line early for us, and then my other friend and I were going to meet her there so we could go in together. But then my friend who was supposed to line up came down with a horrible migraine/cold and was stuck feeling horrible in bed. And my other friend got stuck at work and then needed to take her car in to be fixed. So I ended up going alone, but that was fine.

I was shocked at how many people were in line when I arrived! I got there almost an hour before the event started, and I was questioning if I was even going to make it inside. The event was limiting people to 45 minutes inside and we figured they would let a few hundred people in at once (I heard a rumor it was 350 people each time), so I was hoping I wouldn’t be in line for too long. Fortunately, I ended up being at the end of the third group that got to go inside. So I did have to wait a few hours, but my book kept me pretty entertained.

And once I got inside, it was totally worth it!


I used to work at the WB studio as a tour guide, so I got to see the Stars Hollow set every day at work. And they did a great job making this area look similar to what the studio lot looked like.


There were a couple of fun photo opportunities including a gazebo that was in the center of the space they were using. I didn’t do that photo since there was a huge line since the photos were with cast members from the show. But I did take advantage of the photo setup they made with umbrellas (if you watched the show, this was a reminder of when Rory jumped with Logan off of the tower). Some of the umbrellas were hanging from the trees so it made it look like you were falling back to the ground, but they were a bit too high for me to reach. So I took advantage of one of the umbrellas that was not attached to the trees.


They also had a Luke’s Diner set up. They were serving coffee in Luke’s Diner cups, but since I don’t drink coffee I just took some photos and admired the attention to detail they put into the area.

lukes luke

There were also some swag type things you could get. Besides the coffee (people loved having those cups and I bet they were planning on saving them), there were bags of candy to get and buttons with funny sayings from the show (I personally got the vicious trollop one).


They also had a Stars Hollow Post Office set up with postcards that you could send to anyone you wanted and they would pay for the postage.


I really wanted my mom to have one, so I grabbed it and didn’t mail it since I would see her before the postcard got to her.


There were also props from the show in a tent that you could go through. And the last thing that I did was going to the photo booth where you could get some cute free photos.


It’s tough to see it in my photo, but 3 of them are me holding signs with the various boyfriends’ names (Team Dean, Team Jess, and Team Logan) and me doing a frown. The last photo is me holding a sign saying Team Rory and doing a thumbs up. They had a lot of other cute fun signs to choose from, but since I was doing the photos solo I wanted to think of something cute I could do with one sign at a time. And this came to me and I went for it! The photo that printed out is a bit faded (maybe they were running low on ink), but since the entire event was free I can’t complain about any of it.

Before I knew it, the 45 minutes for my group was up and it was time for us to leave. While I’m sure I would have had an amazing time with my friends there, I had fun on my own and I’m so glad I went.

It’s almost time for “Gilmore Girls” again and this just got me even more excited for the new season to premiere!

Fit2Fat2Fit (or A Book and TV Show That Get It)

I while ago, I heard of the book “Fit2Fat2Fit“. It was the story of a personal trainer named Drew who gained 75 pounds so he could understand what it was like for his overweight clients to lose weight. Immediately I was interested and got the book to read. I read it so fast and loved the message that the trainer shared.


So many trainers and coaches out there have never had to deal with a weight problem. They don’t understand the mental and physical toll excess weight puts on a person. They see someone overweight and think that the person is uneducated and just needs to be taught how to work out and eat better. They think it’s just as simple as that.

But that’s not the case at all.

Compared to most of my friends who have never had a weight issue, I’m possibly more educated about nutrition. I can guesstimate calories with the best of them. I know what is good, what is bad, and what is ok as a treat. Every bite I take I know if I should be ok eating it or if it’s something that I need to think of as an ok indulgence. I know the food pyramid, how many servings of each thing I should have each day/week, and how many calories my body takes to be alive. I might not be the most educated on what workout routines I should do, but I’ve got nutrition and food down. I may have an eating disorder, but I don’t have a lack of education.

Lack of education may be the issue for some people, but it isn’t for the majority. We know what we should and shouldn’t do, but there is something else in our bodies saying otherwise. And unless you have been there, you don’t get it. I try to explain it the best I can on here, but I know that the voice in my head is so much louder and more persuasive than I could ever explain.

That is why I loved the book so much. Drew didn’t understand at first that when you are heavy, you might not have the same motivation or energy to work out. Or if you are used to eating fatty foods that your body craves them and that eating healthy doesn’t give you the same joy that food has given you in the past (and you have depended on that joy from food). Once he gained the weight and tried to immediately get back to his old routine, he realized that it was not as easy as that. People don’t need to be educated, they need to be understood and guided to a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve been lucky at Orangetheory that none of my coaches have judged me or have tried to talk down to me because of my weight (that has happened with coaches/personal trainers in the past). They understand that I have an eating disorder and am working my way toward recovery. They get that I need support but not lectures. But I know that not everyone has that experience. As much as I think that all trainers should do this experiment to understand what their clients go through, I understand that it isn’t realistic. But I think reading the book can help them get it.

I’ve loved the book for a while, but I discovered last week that now there is a TV show on A&E with the same name about the same concept. A trainer takes 4 months to gain as much weight as they can and then work with an overweight client to take the weight off together. I’ve seen the first episode so far, and I really enjoyed it (and didn’t hate-watch it like I do with other weight loss shows). The trainer didn’t quite understand that things would be hard when he gained weight at first. But once it was time for him to get back into his regular routine and try to lose the weight, he got it. He understood the food withdrawal and the exhaustion of exercise. He became more empathic about what clients might be going through and saw the journey from the client side instead of the coach side.

I’m sure that all the episodes will follow a similar format, but I think that it is an amazing show to watch. I know that people will still judge me and other’s based on appearance, but hopefully they can understand the issues we face just a little bit more.

My Day At WB (or Feeling Like I’ve Never Left)

Yesterday, I did stand-in work for “Mike and Molly”. If you are unfamiliar with what stand-in work is, basically I stood in for one of the main actors while the crew set up some shots for promos that they will be shooting this week. I was there so the main actor didn’t have to be (I’m sure I’m cheaper too). I had been a stand-in once before for the same actor a couple of years ago, but that was a totally different experience.

Last time, we worked at a photography studio. While that was fun, this time is was even better. We worked on the WB lot (where the show is shot)! And as I’ve mentioned before, I used to be a tour guide at WB so I know the lot very well.

My day started off by getting through the lot security (it was actually very easy this time) and getting a ride over to the soundstage that we were working on. The soundstage was on the opposite end of the studio, so the ride was nice. Once I got there, I signed my contract for the day, found a chair to sit in, and read my book.

The lighting takes a while to get set up. We were there for about 2 hours before I had to do anything. But I just enjoyed sitting there and reading (and getting paid to do that).

The stage looked pretty plain. There’s nothing shooting in there right now, and all they had up was a blue screen (so they can replace the background of the picture with whatever they want).


After being on that stage for a bit, we ended up moving over to another stage because everything was already set up over there. We moved over to stage 24, which is the stage that “Mike and Molly” shoots on. It’s also known as The “Friends” Stage because that is the stage that “Friends” shot on for a majority of their run.


I tried to get a selfie with the sign outside the stage, but the sign is so big so both the sign and I got a bit cropped out of it.

A funny thing happened while we were walking over to the other stage. I saw a bunch of tour guides with their carts driving around the lot. Everyone on the cart was looking at me trying to figure out if I was famous enough to want to take pictures of. Of course, I took a photo of the cart trying to decide if they wanted to take a photo of me.


Inside stage 24, it was set up just as if they were taping the show that day. The other stand-in and I sat up in the audience area while we waited, and for the first time ever in the audience area, I had my phone on me and could take a photo of the view.


It’s not as pretty to look at when there are crew carts in front and when it isn’t lit properly, but it’s still fun.

Before we really did any stand-in work, we had to break for lunch. I walked over to the commissary and ordered a sandwich (the WB commissary is actually very good and not too horribly priced). After I was done eating, I noticed what I thought was the VIP Deluxe tour cart right by the tables. I know that my friend, Dean, is the one who almost always leads those tours, so I waited by the cart to see if Dean came by.

After waiting for a few minutes, out came Dean with his tour group! As soon as I saw him, I interrupted whatever he was telling his tour to tell his guests that they have the best tour guide ever (Dean was the one who trained me when I was a guide). Dean seemed super excited to see me too, and we got to chat for a second before he had to take his group to the next location on the lot.

I spent the rest of my lunch walking around the lot, checking out some of my favorite locations.

This first picture used to be the hospital for “ER”.


And next is Stars Hollow from “Gilmore Girls” (it’s also been a ton of other locations, but that’s what I always think of it as).


My lunch hour came to an end and I walked back to the soundstage. They were finally ready for us to do our stand-in work after lunch. Most of the time was in the living room set, which is right in front of the audience area. So I got to stare at the empty audience bleachers and tried to image what it would be like to have an audience in there and I’m performing.


Before I knew it, my day was done. It was a very easy day and it might not seem like I did a lot, but it helped the crew get almost all the prep work done so that on the shoot day they don’t have to waste the lead actors’ time.

I walked back through the studio one more time to get back to my car, and I headed home.

It was one of the best days I’ve had in a while. I got to meet a ton of really great people and I got to spend my day on one of my absolute favorite lots to be on (it doesn’t hurt that I know that lot so well so I can wander and not get lost).

Hopefully there will be more days like this in the future.

Another Cut On “2 Broke Girls” (or I’m Glad I Went To The Taping)

Remember when I went to see my friend Ace film his episode of “2 Broke Girls”? That was a great evening. Ace was awesome in the show. He was so funny and I really thought that the scene he was in added a lot to the plot.

But as I’ve mentioned before, scenes get cut after taping sometimes. And when the episode aired on Monday night, Ace was pretty much cut out. You could still see him in the background in the scene he was in. But all of his lines (and his character’s name being mentioned in another scene) were gone.

I was sad for my friend, but he had such a positive attitude about how he had such a great experience with it all. His positivity was infectious and now I’m no longer sad that he was cut out but instead happy that I got to go to the taping and see a great friend act in a great part. And I’m hoping that when the DVD of the season comes out that his scene is included in the deleted scenes.

The timing of this was funny. There’s been a story about actors being cut out of shows going around Facebook and various websites. There was a storyline on “The Big Bang Theory” with one of the main characters acting in a tv show and then their part getting cut (sorry if I’m not describing the plot correctly, but I haven’t seen that episode). The creator of the show, Chuck Lorre, always writes funny little vanity cards to show at the end of all the episodes of his shows. And for this particular episode, this was the vanity card.

In case you don’t want to click on the link, the card talks about how in this episode where one character gets cut from a tv show, an actor who booked a co-star role on the show was cut even though she was funny. Her being cut had nothing to do with how hard she worked or how great she was, it was all due to timing.

I’m pretty sure that’s what happened with my friend Ace’s part. He was funny. I know that because I was there and heard all the laughs that he got. I know that he’s a hard worker and he put everything he had into that part. But I also know that they tape more than they can air on tv. Every show has to get some cuts to fit into the time slot and allow for commercials.

This is a reality of the job. You work so hard to get the job and sometimes, you never see your work. It’s happened to me before and I know it will happen to me again.

But even with not knowing if you will ever get to see your hard work air on tv, the movie screen, or your computer screen; it is still the most amazing job in the world. And I will continue to share when I book things (or when my friends do) because I know one day the hard work will be shown to the world and it will all be worth it.

The New TV Season (or Starting My Research Early This Year)

It’s upfronts time!

For those of you that don’t know what the upfronts are, it’s the time that the tv networks reveal their fall tv schedules to advertisers (and the public). This is when you know what new tv shows will be on the air in the fall and what old shows will have another season.

Sometimes, the new tv shows or old tv show renewals are announced earlier, but everything is revealed at the upfronts. All the networks will be revealing their schedules next week (here’s a schedule and guide to the networks).

Why does this matter to me? Because this is when my preparation for my fall tv research begins!

I’ve previously talked about how I watch everything on tv to know what shows might be good ones for me to target. Normally, I start doing my tv research then. The only thing I did after the upfronts was send the casting directors of the new tv shows a quick congratulations note.

But this year, I’ve decided to do things a bit different.

There are a bunch of websites with information on the new tv shows (I like TVLine for the summary and IMDb for the production information). I’m going to start my notes right away. I can figure out who the casting directors are for the new shows and which ones I have a relationship with (good information for my agents to know). I can get most of my notes done early so when the tv shows premier in the fall, I can focus on watching the shows and understanding the tone and plot points.

Also, once the networks announce the new tv shows, they typically release a 3-5 minute trailer with highlights of the show. I’m going to take notes on those so I have something in case I get an audition for a show before it premieres (it’s happened before).

I think these are all positive steps forward that I’m making with my acting career. It might seem a bit overkill when I don’t get a ton of auditions compared to some of my friends (which I don’t mind since most of my auditions are for series regulars or guest stars), but when I do get that chance with that audition, I want to go into the room the best and most prepared that I can be!

No Guarantees (or A Lesson From “2 Broke Girls”)

The episode of “2 Broke Girls” that aired this Monday was the episode that my mom, my aunt, and I saw being filmed at the taping we went to. And it reminded me of a truth in the entertainment industry: even if you book the job, you never know if your work will ever be seen.

There are always little cuts made to a TV show after they are done taping. Some things need to be cut for time, some things need to be cut due to Standards and Practices, and some things are cut out because they just don’t work in the storyline any more. I’ve always known this reality. TV shows don’t try to hide it. In fact, you can normally see deleted scenes on the DVD extras of a TV show or movie.

But for this particular episode of “2 Broke Girls”, 2 guest star actors had their parts completely cut out. They were both extremely funny, and one of them had an eating gag, which I can related to due to my experience with pizza on the set of this show (yup, that’s me at the end).

But there must have been some reason that that scene had to be cut out of the final product. After watching the episode, I’m not sure what they could have cut in other scenes to include it.

But I can only imagine how sad it was for those actors to see the episode and find out that they were not in it. I’m sure they told their friends and family to watch it. And I know that if it was me, my friends and family would all be watching to see me (they’ve done that sometimes when I’ve done background).

But this is the way that things are in this industry. There are no certainties for anything. You are never guaranteed the audition, the callback, the job, making the cut. I’m still nervous that I might get cut out of the music video that I shot recently. Until that video is released, I’m going to be worried about it.

But those actors who were cut out of the episode were still able to spend a week doing what they loved (and they still got paid in case you were worried about that). And I’m sure after the initial disappointment they were still happy that they got to be chosen to be a part of the show and work a dream job for that week.

I guess part of having no guarantees on anything is making sure that you are grateful for every step that you are given. Be grateful for all the auditions and callbacks even if you didn’t get the job. There are a ton of people who would love to have been given “just” an audition.

I know that I still need to work on being grateful for all the steps that I get to take,  and this was a good reminder for me to stay in a gracious mindset.