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Dancing With The Stars (or A Workout Friends Hangout)

I haven’t watched “Dancing With The Stars” since the beginning, but I have been interested in this current season. The son of my late acting coach is one of the stars this season and I was so excited to get to see him on the show. And as soon as the cast for the current season was announced, I went online to try to get tickets. I was put on a wait list for tickets and was hoping I’d get tickets in time to see Chris on the show. Sadly, he was eliminated after the first week and right after that I got the email that I could now get tickets.

Even though Chris was eliminated, I figured it could be really fun to go to a taping. I’ve been to many tv tapings before, but I never had been to a live show. I knew that it would be really cool to see how everything happens during the commercial breaks and decided to get the tickets and then just enjoy whatever stars were still in the competition at that point. I asked around to a couple of friends to see who could come with me, and 2 of my Orangetheory friends were able to go! So it was Orangetheory night at “Dancing With The Stars”!

The way that all tv tapings work is that they give out more free tickets than there are seats. They assume there will be no shows (or in my case I ordered 4 tickets and only needed 3) so they ask you to get there early to try to get in. We got there about an hour before we were supposed to be there by, and that ended up being perfect for us. Even though we heard the speech multiple times that not everyone would be let inside the studio, the 3 of us ended up being the last 3 who got in! It’s so crazy that we were the cut off point, but I’m so glad we made it!

There were no phones allowed inside the studio so I don’t really have that many photos from the taping. We were in the first balcony toward the side behind the judges. We had some moments where the view was blocked, but we could see most of the stage. And when we couldn’t see things there was a tv monitor that we could look at so we could see what it looked like on live tv. I know so people want to be seen on tv when they go to tapings like this, but I didn’t care to be on tv. The only time you could almost see us is when they showed the entire audience. But unless you knew where to look, you’d never see us.

Yeah, you can barely see the 3 of us between those red arrows.

When I got my tickets, I didn’t know what the theme for the show would be. But it ended up being Disney night and that seemed so perfect to me! Each of us had Glow with the Show Mickey ears to wear during various parts of the taping. I was so excited about that because I never had those ears before. But when the taping was done we were told that we didn’t get to take them with us. Oh well. I only wish that I didn’t have to turn my phone in to security before going into the taping so I could have taken photos with the ear. They were super cute!

The advantage of going to a live taping is that you know exactly how long it would be (unlike going to a sitcom taping where it can be 5 hours for a 22 minute show). Neither of my friends watch “Dancing With The Stars” and I think they were a bit worried that being there for 2 hours would feel like a long time. But it really flew by! All the dances were so amazing and there were a couple of live singing performances at the show as well. And of course, I loved the music because they were all Disney songs. I knew pretty much all the songs and was excited to see how the dances matched with the songs.

And while the dances were awesome, I did love watching the crew during the commercial breaks to see how quickly they changed over the set. There was a big clock on the screens during the commercial breaks so they knew exactly how much longer they had to do everything. They were super efficient and you can tell that they practice a lot to do the set changes in the time they had. And while the show was live, it was neat to see the choreography that the cameras had to do. There was a lot of work with a steady cam, but it was also interesting to see how the stable cameras worked with the steady cam and to see the camera work on the floor and then look up at the tv screen to see how it looked for tv. I know that I’m a bit of a nerd with the behind the scenes stuff like that, but it really is amazing how much work the crew does to make everything look as perfect as it does on tv.

Once the live taping was done, we were excused from the studio pretty quickly. It took a bit of time to get our phones back (the security team was super organized but there were so many of us in line to get phones) but we were quickly on our way out of the studio. Even though we were only in the taping for 2 hours the entire time including being in line was about 5.5 hours. It was still a shorter day than most tv tapings, but it was still a good chunk of time.

Even though Chris isn’t a part of the “Dancing With The Stars” season anymore, I have been watching the show this season and will continue to watch this season to see who wins. There are a lot of amazing dancers and stars on the show still and I’m excited to see what dances come up next! And if I get another opportunity to go to another live taping, I’d probably do it. It was a fun thing to do and I know I have other friends who couldn’t go this time but would love to go with me!

“2 Broke Girls” Again (or Seeing A Friend Be Awesome!)

Last week, my friend Ace posted on Facebook that he booked an episode of “2 Broke Girls”! I was super excited for him! I love when my friends are on tv, but I love it even more when it’s a show that I already watch and love!

Then, a day or two later, he posted that he could have guests come to watch the taping. Of course, I said yes! I had a great time at the taping in February, and this one could only be better because I knew someone in the show!

I got an email telling me that I would be a VIP guest for the taping. There were some instructions that were similar to the last time, but some that were different.

I had to be at Warner Brothers by 3pm on Tuesday, but I got there extra early (I always give myself extra time for traffic). There was a special line for VIP guests so I stood off to the side and waited for security to check me in (since I didn’t have a regular ticket, they had my name on a guest list).

While in the VIP line, I ended up meeting another one of Ace’s friends, Belen. She and I chatted a bit while we walked through the studio to the soundstage that the show tapes on. Inside the soundstage, we checked in with another security guard who led us to one of the studio pages with the VIP list.

Last time, the seats were not assigned ahead of time. They just put us where they needed to fill in the space. This time, I had a chair with my name on it! Sadly, I don’t have a picture of that because there were no cameras or cell phones allowed inside (yes, even for VIP guests). The whole row that I was sitting in were Ace’s friends (and his fiancée). We were all pretty darn excited to see Ace in the show.

There was the same comedian who kept us entertained between takes. This taping took longer than last time, but they did more re-writes this time as well. We all were anxious to see Ace, and finally, it was his scene! I don’t want to give away any plot points (also, I don’t think WB would like me to blog about exactly what happened), but Ace had a very funny scene and his character interacted with the main characters. They even mentioned his character again in another scene (all of us in the group agreed that the show should make Ace’s character a recurring character!).

Toward the end of the taping, Ace let us know that we could go down to the stage after the show was done to say hello to him. So after the curtain call (where we all screamed and cheered when Ace took his bow), we went down the stairs to the stage.

We stayed off to the side because we didn’t want to get in the way of the crew trying to take down the set. But we got to say hi to Ace and tell him how amazing he did in the show!

And since Ace was allowed to keep his phone, he got a crew member to take a picture of the group.


Before we knew it, Ace had to go backstage to get out of his costume and the group had to head home (I also had an early shift the next day and didn’t want to be out too late).

This was such an amazing evening. I love getting to see my friends do so well and be successful (I hope they feel the same thing for me when I book parts).

This episode should be one of the next episodes of “2 Broke Girls” to air (they are on hiatus until January). If I know ahead of time that Ace’s episode will be on, I’ll let you all know so you can watch it and see how great he was!

A Burbank Day (or Spending Some Time At Warner Bros.)

Yesterday, my adventure with my mom and aunt mainly took place in Burbank.

We started out by going from their hotel near Brentwood and we took the “scenic route” to go past Griffith Park to go to Burbank (if you aren’t familiar with LA, this is a very roundabout way to go).

We just walked around and looked at the view from the Observatory, but I could see the hiking trail that I conquered last year. The views were pretty nice, but I was so distracted I forgot to take any pictures!

Next we headed over to Burbank to walk around the WB lot. I worked at WB as a tour guide back in 2005, and a friend of mine got us walk on passes so we could explore and do some DVD shopping. After a little issue with getting our passes, we finally made it on the lot.

We walked around the backlot area where all the facades are and enjoyed the gorgeous day that we were having.

We took a couple of pictures.

IMG_1332 photo


And then we left the lot to head to The Smokehouse for linner (which is lunch/dinner).

The Smokehouse is a restaurant that my mom went to a lot growing up. She hadn’t been there in forever, but feels like the inside still looks the same.



We all ordered the prime rib sandwich (seemed to be their specialty), and I enjoyed everything except the bread (I had a taste of their famous garlic bread instead).



And then it was time to head back over to WB because the 3 of us had tickets to a taping of one of our favorite shows!



I love “2 Broke Girls”! It’s one of the shows that I dream of being on one day!

We got great seats in the audience, right in the second row and between the apartment and diner sets.

I’ve been to a couple of tapings before so I knew what to expect, but neither my mom nor aunt had been to one (at least as adults).

We were there for about 5 hours. It was a lot of fun getting to watch everyone work. And the director for this particular episode was Fred Savage (of “Wonder Years” fame)! As much as I loved watching, I couldn’t help feel like that was not a place that I belonged. I should have been on stage.

I think my mom and aunt had a pretty fun time at the taping, and now they understand what I do even more now. And my mom won a t-shirt!


This taping might have given me a little kick in the butt to work even harder as moving my acting career forward!

After 12 hours away from home, I got home yesterday exhausted. But we still have 1 more day adventure to go today!