A Shorter Workout Week (or Trying To Go All Out)

This week I did 3 workouts. Since I’ve had a couple of 4 workout weeks back to back (and the Dri-Tri), I was happy to go a bit easier this week. My body was definitely feeling the 4 workout weeks, but even though I was in a bit more pain than usual this past week I didn’t take it too easy.

Monday’s workout was a power day that didn’t switch sides between blocks. I would have really liked to have switched between blocks because doing the 30 minutes straight on the treadmill isn’t the easiest thing for me, but I did the best that I could. We had short push to all out segments (that’s basically what cardio is like on power days). I really wanted to do well on the push to all out segments because these shorter ones are the times that I can try to bump up the speed, but my body wasn’t having it. In fact, I had to do some of the segments slower than normal (basically not increasing the speed for the all outs like I normally do).

While the cardio segment was a bit weaker than normal, I did some great work on the floor. For my pullovers, I was able to use 25 pounds and actually felt like I might have been able to do it with the 30 pound weight. But since the 30 pound weights aren’t kept over by the weight benches, I didn’t think to grab it to try it. But if I’m feeling this strong this week, I’m going to see about grabbing some of the bigger weights. My chest work was done with 20 pounds and my row work was done with 20 pounds until my arms got too tired and I downgraded to 15 pounds. And we did have some sprint rows of 200 meters, but that wasn’t a big deal to me since we had done 2000 meters at the Dri-Tri.

Wednesday was a fun day. It was an endurance run/row day. I didn’t get that far down the chart for the run/row, so I pretty much was doing .25 miles on the treadmill (at 6%) followed by 500 meter rows and then .2 miles on the treadmill followed by 400 meter rows. I think I did the first treadmill distance twice and the first row distance once (and the opposite for the second round). The rows were a bit longer than I usually like, but again I was trying to compare the distance to what I was doing at the Dri-Tri so I wasn’t feeling too bad. On the floor, we had some really long blocks. One of the toughest things we had to do was during one block between every move we had to do walk out push ups. You start standing up, then you walk your hands out until you are in a plank, then do a pushup, and finally walk your hands back to get back to the start. Those are not easy and my shoulders get really tired, but I didn’t give up and even did my push ups on my toes instead of my knees. We ended our floor block doing 3 minutes of abs using a medicine ball (I was using a 10 pound one).

After class on Wednesday, I took a quick photo with my friends Dani (who took class with me) and Polly (who was taking the next class).

Triple Buddy Challenge

The three of us are doing the triple buddy challenge that Orangetheory is doing right now (it actually ends on Wednesday this week). We aren’t going to win the challenge, but I still wanted to get a team picture. My two partners have pushed me to do more workouts than I was planning on doing and I worked extra hard because of them. Even though we aren’t going to win, I’m so proud of all of us and I hope there is another challenge coming up that we can be a team for again!

Friday’s workout was a Friday the 13th theme. It started out with a trick. Normally if you are warming up on the treadmill, you start with cardio. But after the warm up, all the treadmills were brought over to the floor and the rowers got on the treadmills. There were 8 blocks total (4 on the floor and 4 on cardio), but we switched after doing 2 blocks on each thing (so we did 2 on floor, 2 on cardio, 2 on floor, and finished with 2 on cardio). I really don’t like starting on the floor, but I tried my best and was just happy that we were switching so I wasn’t going to end my workout with 30 minutes straight on the treadmill.

On the floor, we did a lot of plank work (I’m starting to get back to being on my toes and not having my calf hurt too much), arms, and using the TRX straps to do rows. But we had an entire block dedicated to work on the Bosu. We did Bosu burpees and Bosu pushups (one hand on the floor and the other on the Bosu) back and forth for about 5 minutes. That block was crazy and I was so tired after we completed it! On the treadmill, 2 of the blocks were a run/row that included 13 in it. So we had 1:30 minute row, 1:30 all out on the treadmill at 13%, and 130 meter rows. The run/row was pretty short so my hips weren’t hurting too much. The rest of the treadmill was a lot of push to all outs with a bit of walking recovery. Despite the fact that I started on the floor, since the treadmill time was pretty limited my hips didn’t start to hurt until the last 5 minutes on the treadmill. I’m pretty grateful for that because I know that it can be a lot worse than that and my power walking can suffer when I hurt.

I could have added a 4th workout this past week, but I’m glad that I’m taking the time to recover and get ready for the week. I’m not sure if this week I’ll do 4 workouts or not, but I’ve got a really busy week and I know that the stronger I am the better I can get through my week!

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