Ringing In The New Year (or Starting 2013 On A Great Note)

I’m not a huge fan of going out for New Years Eve. You spend way to much for the cover at a bar, drinks are extremely expensive, and it’s horribly crowded. But it’s not fun staying at home alone either.

So in November, I was out to lunch with my friend Rayshell and she decided to throw a party for New Years Eve! Yay!

I had a great time celebrating with everyone. Most of the people there were either single or their significant other wasn’t able to be there, so I didn’t feel like the only single person in the room.

The evening started off fun and we all picked out our hats.



Rayshell’s boyfriend is from Australia, and he’s back there spending time with his family, so Rayshell sent him this picture to let him know what he was missing out on.



The party had a ton of great people and great food. But I was pretty good for the evening. I mainly had veggies (without the dip). Over the course of 7 hours at the party, I had 3 drinks and then the rest was water. And the only splurges that I really had was this spinach pastry thing I ate after midnight to get something in my stomach so I wasn’t hungry when I drove home and a taste of the red velvet cake that was brought (I only ate a little of it, the frosting was too sweet).

I’m glad that I was able to stay away from the chips and dips and all the other tempting goodies. I drank a bit more than I planned, but I also drank way more water than expected too. So I think it balances out.

I love how I started 2013 surrounded by friends, both new and old, and having a ton of fun. I hope that this is a sign of what is to come this year!

And thank you so much Rayshell for throwing an awesome party! I had the best time!


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