A New Challenge (or Who Wants To Come Workout With Me?)

A new challenge at Orangetheory was just announced! And again, I’m going to do it!

This one is to get a free pair of Nike IDs (and who doesn’t want to get some free workout shoes?)! There are a lot of rules to this challenge, but I’m going to make a checklist for myself so I make sure that I complete all the tasks.

The first part of the challenge is to go to 15 workouts between November 17th and December 17th. If I had all my regular workouts each week, that still wouldn’t be enough. Plus, one workout the week of Thanksgiving is going to be at a different location. So in order to complete this task, I know I’ll have to add a 4th workout a few times. I’m looking at maybe adding a few Saturdays in there, but again, I’m going to make a checklist so I can make sure that I get all 15 workouts in there.

Then I also have to post 7 photos on Instagram. That actually shouldn’t be a problem. When I was working out during my personal 8 week challenge, part of my deal with Orangetheory was to post a photo on Instagram after every class I attended. This time, there are rules and themes to each photo, but I’ve looked at the list and they shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, I think it will be pretty fun!

The 3rd rule of the challenge is to complete 2 Monday Challenges. This will be the easiest thing for me to do. With the exception of the first week of Monday Challenges (where the instructor forgot to mentioned the Challenge), I’ve done the challenges every week. And I have no intention of stopping!

The final rule is something that I need help with. I must have 3 friends come with me to class over the 30 day challenge. So far, I’ve had a bunch of friends say that they want to go, but it’s hard to get people to commit to a certain date. And even though not all 3 guests have to come to the same workout, I need those 3 guests to be there before December 17th.

So I’m putting it out there that I would love some blog readers to come work out with me between November 17th and December 17th. I would love the support and I need it in order to win free shoes!

So who’s with me?

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