Ms. In The Biz Anniversary Party (or Having Fun In A Photo Booth)

Ms. In The Biz is now 2 years old! I’m honored that I’ve been able to be a part of the blog since day 1 (technically before day 1 since I worked on the site before it launched)! I’ve been able to write a lot about my experience as an actress and because of the other writers on the site, I’ve learned so much! It’s also created such a wonderfully supportive community not just for women but for anyone passionate about the entertainment industry.

So of course there had to be a party to celebrate the 2nd anniversary!

The party was held at Fork┬áin West Hollywood, which wasn’t too far of a drive for me. I knew that there wasn’t a red carpet, so I didn’t dress as nice as I have for other events. But I still wanted to look cute. I think I managed to put together a fun outfit for the night.

Party Outfit

I wore heels for the first time in a while since I knew I could valet my car right in front of the door and since it was a restaurant there would be places for me to sit down. While it did feel weird to wear heels again, I have to admit that they do make an outfit look better. I just wish they didn’t hurt me as much.

I knew that I was only going to be able to be at the party for a little bit because I had a phone call I had to make at 9pm, so I got to the party on the early side. There weren’t a ton of people there when I got there, but it was ok because the upstairs space (where I hung out) wasn’t huge. So it didn’t feel packed or crowded (I prefer that).

The Headshot Truck was there doing photos. But they were more photo booth style photos with props. Much more relaxing than red carpet photos. I definitely took advantage of that and got some fun photos done.

MITB Party Photos

It was a fun set up and they had a giant computer screen right next to the wall where we posed so we could see the photos right after they were taken (and could check out the photos that everyone else took).

Photo Booth

Since Fork is a restaurant so many of the party guests were hanging out at tables and getting dinner and drinks. I had some dinner before going but I hung out with a friend while she had something to eat. It was nice to just spend time catching up with a friend on life, auditions, and other craziness going on in our worlds.

Before I knew it, I had to head out. I didn’t want to be at a loud party or in my car when I had to be on that phone call. I wish I was able to stay later, but I had a great time while I was there.

It’s such a great milestone that Ms. In The Biz has been going for 2 years. I think that the site has been gaining legitimacy since day one and I think that we have become a very trusted site for features about women in the entertainment industry. And I’m so honored that I’ve been allowed to be a part of it for the entire time.

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