Lack Of Plans (or A Lazy Weekend)

Before this past weekend started, I had so many things scheduled to do. I had several hangouts scheduled with friends (some which were also going out to eat hangouts), meeting with people who I’m thinking about working on projects with, and doing the regular weekend chores like laundry and getting groceries. While I wasn’t over booking myself, I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with everything that I was going to get done Saturday-Monday (I consider Monday part of my weekend since my days off are Sunday and Monday).

Then slowly, my plans started to get cancelled. If you are one of my friends I was supposed to meet with, don’t feel bad at all. Honestly, as my schedule got more and more open I started to relax. I don’t know why the plans were stressing me out, but clearly I needed a weekend to myself.

Saturday ended up being the only day that seemed busy. I had my usual work schedule and then as soon as I was done at 11am I got into my car and headed to my friend Erin’s house. Erin cut and colored my hair (I really needed it since it hadn’t been done since before Thanksgiving!) and I felt nice and refreshed. I originally was going to watch her kids so she and her husband could have a date night, but Erin was getting over the flu so she wasn’t going out that night. But she did have some errands to run so I watched her kids for about an hour so she could do some kid-free shopping.

Usually when I’m watching her kids, it’s late so we just do dinner, watch a movie, and the kids go to bed. But since this was the afternoon we decided to do some fun activities. Erin’s daughter is super into science experiments, so we decided to do a search on YouTube for kid science things. I had no clue there were so many videos on easy to do science projects! We did a couple of projects (some successfully and some not-so-successfully) and before we knew it Erin was home again and I headed back home.

Even though I was babysitting and driving back and forth to Erin’s house, it really didn’t feel like I was doing much. During my drive I listen to my podcasts and babysitting Erin’s kids is usually pretty easy (and they were so into those videos online that they didn’t even care that I was there).

After leaving Erin’s house, I headed back home and got some of my errands done and then just relaxed at home. And that’s pretty much how I spent Sunday too. I did the chores I needed to do, but most of the time I was just being lazy at home doing very little stuff. I did a lot of reading and watched a movie at home, but that’s not really that productive.

Monday (the end of my weekend) was a bit busier with a workout, a drive down to Anaheim to do some shopping, and I had plans that evening. But it still felt like I was being selfish by doing only what I wanted to do.

Even though my weekends aren’t too busy, it felt nice to have a really lazy weekend. I got to decompress a bit and get things in order the way I wanted to. I worked on some organizing work that I had been meaning to do and didn’t worry about how long I was spending on them. It really was the perfect way to spend the time after plans were cancelled.

I do need to remember to schedule time for myself from time to time. I think I feel like I do that because I work from home and spend many evenings at home after my workouts. But when I’m working my focus is on work and after my workouts I’m usually showering, eating dinner, and then spend a little time getting ready for the next day before going to bed. So that time isn’t always spent doing what I want to do. I think if I had one day a month where I had nothing I had to do and could just spend it being focused on me, that would be perfect.

Of course, I need to schedule that day into my calendar otherwise I wouldn’t remember to do it.

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