I’m a Book Nerd (or Seriously, I’m a Book Nerd)

Ok, so update from the dentist quickly in case you didn’t see it on twitter. The visit did not go too smoothly. I’m going to need a crown on one of my teeth, which means two appointments in September, both requiring shots. Not really looking forward to it, but at least it will be fixed now and I won’t need a root canal in the near future.

On to a happier subject: how I am a total book nerd. I’ve loved books my entire life. I learned to read at 2 (a fact that my mom is still proud of). And as a child, I was a voracious reader. It might have been a little ridiculous.

While in middle and high school, my reading wasn’t quite as crazy. I was always reading this book or that book for school and reading for fun wasn’t on the top of my to-do list.

In college, I rediscovered my love for books (and the public library). Even though I had to still read books for school, I found more room in my life for fun books.

And since graduating college, I’ve only become a crazier reader. I have a soft spot for chick lit, but I’ll read almost anything.

Right now, I’m on a dystopian society book kick (thank you Hunger Games). But almost all dystopian society books are young adult books, so that’s where I’ve been finding my books lately.

I’ve read the first 2 books in the Delirium series, the first 2 books in the Divergent series, I’m working through the Uglies series, and I’m still looking for more (recommendations would be appreciated).

And for good measure, here are some of my other favorite authors:

Stephanie Bond (especially her Body Movers series)
Lindsey Kelk (Love her I Heart series)
Jennifer Weiner (Everything she writes is awesome)

Hope some of you will be inspired to read some more, and maybe check out some of my favorite authors!

3 responses to “I’m a Book Nerd (or Seriously, I’m a Book Nerd)

  1. I’m fascinated by dystopic tales, too.

    I enjoy the Uglies series as well. Scott Westerfeld is great.

    Since you’re reading Lauren Oliver’s Delirium series, definitely check out her first book, Before I Fall. It’s a stand-alone novel, and it’s so very good.

    My favorite horror/supernatural authors are Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski. They’ve collaborated on books as well as written many solo books. (Chris has written over 100 stories. He’s brilliant.) My favorite Golden books include The Boys are Back in Town, Strangewood, and the Body of Evidence series.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Jen! I’m thankful for the new reading gadgets that make reading more convenient for women…and have gotten us all back into the good habit of reading for pleasure. Reading is suddenly trendy–and sexy! (Of course we hardcore booklovers have been trendy and sexy all along!)

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