Hoping For Some Normal (or Fingers Crossed That This Was This Easy)

I feel like every time I go in for a doctor’s appointment, I discover something random or weird. Maybe it’s because I am on top of going to my annual appointments and maybe it’s because I am that much of a medical oddity. Either way, I rarely leave without discovering something that makes me laugh or shake my head. Fortunately, I have a good sense of humor about this, but I do wish that sometimes things would be easy for me.

Even when I think an appointment went well, I find out that it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. Last year, when I went in for my annual appointment I thought everything went fine. Then a test of mine was lost. Then I had to get a higher level test to confirm that I was fine. Nothing was that horrible or painful, but it did make me laugh that I had to go through 3 appointments instead of the usual 1 just to confirm what my doctor and I knew. I was a little worried that maybe we would find out that there was something wrong with me, but I trust my doctor to tell me even if she worried a little bit. And she knew these tests were much more of a precaution than a diagnosis.

I was prepared for some more randomness when I went in for my annual appointment this week. I knew it would be more than my standard appointment because I did have a few things I did want to bring up with my doctor, but I also knew that there are always things that seem to come up and I now expect the unexpected.

But this appointment ended up going smoothly from the start. Even when they were taking my blood pressure, it went so much better than normal. I’m used to my blood pressure being extremely high before my appointment and normal after. This time, it was normal before the appointment. I don’t know if I was extra calm or if my blood pressure was very low so it just appeared to be normal. Either way, it was nice to have that recorded as normal at the beginning of the appointment so I didn’t have to do it again after.

I had all the normal tests done at my appointment, although I will have to wait to do my bloodwork for 2 more weeks. Even though I am not trying to get pregnant right now, so many of my friends are and most of them seem to be having issues. Because of my liver tumors, I know that fertility treatments are very limited for me, so there’s not much I can do if I find out that my fertility isn’t where it should be. But I still am curious what my levels are like. But to find those out, the bloodwork has to be done at a certain point in your menstrual cycle. So I will be waiting to do the bloodwork so I can do everything at one time.

We also discussed my cancer testing. For cervical cancer testing, we will have to wait and see if I need to do the higher-level testing again this year. There is a chance I will need to do so, and that is normal and nothing to worry about. It’s good to know that if I have to do it again I don’t have to think that it’s a sign of something wrong. And I will be doing another mammogram again in a month. But because of the type of breast cancer that I am at a higher risk of getting, I really should be getting MRIs every 5 years or so. But my insurance hasn’t wanted to cover those yet. So next week, I will be meeting with a geneticist to discuss my family history of cancer and hopefully, we can get things covered by my insurance. At least I have gotten approved for mammograms because that is better than nothing and I am still younger than the recommended start age for them.

Even though this appointment could still result in some random test results or weird things, it did go pretty normally. There was nothing discovered that was shocking. The things I had questions about for my doctor ended up being normal things that I was able to get answers for. I don’t have to do any medical testing that I wasn’t expecting to do or add new prescriptions. I think the fact that this appointment went so easily almost makes it so weird to me. I am still waiting for the email or phone call that they lost the tests or that they found something that is a 1 in a million result with me because that is what I am used to hearing.

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