Getting Through My Workouts (or Sweating When I Can’t Breathe Through My Nose)

My workout week wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t horrible either. But I’m pretty darn impressed with myself that I did work out.

I got 3 workouts in. Part of the reason I only did 3 was because the week before I did 5 (and that was tough on me). But the other part was that I was sick.

I’ve read online that as long as all of your symptoms are above the neck, you are ok to work out. If they are below the neck (body aches) then you aren’t supposed to push yourself. While I did feel a bit achy, I figured that that was from pushing myself the week before and not from being sick.

My Monday workout was pretty tough. That was the day I felt the worst over the week. I had to keep stopping to catch my breath and cough. It wasn’t easy doing anything, but I did my best. And I did manage to stay at pretty much the same levels on the treadmill and weights on the floor as usual. I just wasn’t able to last as long or do as many rounds.┬áBut being able to do a little bit is better than me doing nothing and sitting on my couch. And I did feel a bit better after the workout so I joked that maybe I was able to sweat out the germs.

Wednesday was a bit of a blur for me. I had dealt with some people being really horrible to me at work and my head was foggy to begin with. Being sick on top of that really didn’t help. Again, I had to take more breaks than usual, but I was able to do a good chunk of the workout.

Friday was insane for me. It was a strength day, which means hills on the treadmill. I always do hills since I’m a power walker and can’t increase my speed like the joggers and runners can. But on strength days I try to do more extreme hills.

It seemed like every hill segment was 3 minutes long. And there were 3 sets of 3 minute hill segments back to back (with a 1 minute base pace at 4% incline between). It was so tough for me to get through those hills, but I pushed as much as possible. I still had to take more breaks than I would have liked to, but it was fewer breaks than the other days in the week.

I’ve talked about it before how glad I am that I’m able to work out while I’m sick. I’m not using being sick as an excuse the way I used to. I think part of this is because I work out of my house now. I can tell my boss that I’m too sick to work, but I really try not to do that. I can always bring my work stuff into my bed and work from there. So if I’m not allowing myself a sick day from work, why would I from a workout?

I’m finally feeling better (although I’m not 100% better yet). So I’m hoping that this week I can bring my workouts back to the level that they were before and that I can maybe get in 4 workouts this week to make up for only doing 3 last week.

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