Figuring Things Out (or Finding A Balance With Running)

This past week I did 4 workouts, and they were all pretty great. They were tough and at times during the workout I was wondering if I was overdoing things, but in the end I think each of my workouts really helped me get into a really good workout groove for the week.

I missed my usual Monday morning workout because I was flying back from my trip, so I had my first workout on Tuesday afternoon. I hadn’t been feeling jet lagged at all on Tuesday morning, but for some reason Tuesday around lunchtime I started to feel very off. I tried to get myself back on track, but I realized it was going to be an off day and just accepted that. But I wasn’t going to let my workout suffer too much because of it. The workout was an endurance run/row day, so I was grateful that I didn’t have to do a ton of treadmill work. The pattern of the run/row was a 1 mile (1600 meter) row, .25 mile run, .5 mile (800 meter) row, .5 mile run, .25 mile (400 meter) row, 1 mile run. And we were supposed to get as far down the pattern as we could.

The 1600 meter row took me a while to get through, but I was able to do it without taking any breaks which made me pretty happy. For the .25 mile run, even though I know I can run that I didn’t want to push myself too hard. So I did the power walking distance of .13 miles and did 1 minute of running and 1 minute of walking. I did that same plan for the .5 mile run (I did .25 miles with 1 minute intervals) and I made it to the 400 meter row before the time was up. I didn’t expect to make it to the mile run, so I wasn’t disappointed that I didn’t finish all of the things.

On Wednesday, I was feeling much more like myself and I was feeling pretty good going into the workout. It was a strength day and we didn’t switch between blocks. I didn’t run for any of the incline work because I’m really not ready for that. But I did try to push my inclines up a bit higher than normal to make up for not running. I was able to run all of the all outs that were on a flat road (which is a 1% incline) and I even did the all out that was at a 4% incline (which is the flat road for power walkers). I’m glad I had some all outs to run during because I really don’t want to skip on running at least a little bit during each workout.

For the floor work, we had sprint rows for 200 meters and I was able to keep my times on those pretty short. My legs still struggle with the power I should have for the rowing, but I know that it’s just something that I need to work on and it will get better. Besides the rowing, the floor work focused a lot of abs and arm work. For almost all of my arm stuff, I was using 25 pound weights. It was a little too heavy at times for me, but I was able to finish each set and I know that in time the weight won’t feel as heavy.

Friday’s workout was endurance, strength, and power and again we didn’t switch between blocks. ┬áDuring the endurance block, I was able to run during the 90 and 60 second pushes as well as the all out. The 90 second run was feeling a bit long for me, but I’ve been working on building my endurance so I know I need to push myself to go a little longer. For the strength time, I power walked for all the hills but I was getting the hills to the inclines I was using before I tore my calf, which is significantly higher than I normally do. I did run the all out, but it was on a flat road. And for the power block, we had short push paces to all outs and I ran for all of those. It was more running than normal for me, but I was feeling pretty amazing after.

On the floor, we had 400 and 100 meter rows and again we did a lot of ab and arm work. A lot of the work that day was using the straps, so that was a nice change from using the weights. The strap work sometimes is harder for me to do because my arms get wobbly when I’m tired, but that’s part of what makes it a good workout system for me.

And to complete my workout week, I went to Saturday’s workout. Normally on a Saturday I go on the bike since I feel like I’ve done enough treadmill work for the week. And I debated doing that this time, but something was pulling me to go to the treadmill and to break my own rules. So I went for it.

It was an endurance day and for the 4th time that week there were no switches between the blocks. There were some really long pushes on the treadmill, and I didn’t want to overdo things. So for the 3 minute push, I power walked. But for all the other push paces which were between 1-2 minutes, I ran. I wasn’t always able to run for the entire thing, but I at least ran for a minute each time. The 90 second pushes were much tougher than the day before, but I was still trying and that’s what’s most important to me.

And for the floor work, we had 1 long block to work on the entire time. We had 500 meter rows (which felt long compared to the sprint rows from earlier in the week) and then we went over to the weights to work on the rest of the block. We had rows and chest presses on the straps, tricep and bicep work with weights, and ab work on the floor. And we kept repeating the block over and over again for the entire time. It was pretty great because I wasn’t feeling rushed at all to get things done and I was able to get through a couple of cycles of it.

Overall, this week made me pretty happy with my running so far. I got really down on myself because I was making such great progress last month and I thought I’d be able to continue to do so again this month. I honestly thought I’d be able to run for 5 minutes by now, and I’m still struggling at times to run for 2 minutes. I’m working on some new plans to get my running progressing at a good pace (thanks a bunch to my friend Kate who shared a ton of websites with me!) and I think that this week of workouts really got me onto a good path again.

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