Evil Twin Brunch (or Catching Up On Life)

With being super busy with the Convention, being sick, and just trying to catch up on my day jobs; I feel like my fun time has been limited. I’ve been working on scheduling more fun things (adding them to my calendar is helping me remember to actually do the fun things and just not plan to do them). Going to the screenings helps me relax and have fun. But I also need to be social (going to the movie with a friend isn’t exactly social).

I knew my Evil Twin had the same pilot audition that I did, but we weren’t there on the same day. So I suggested that we get together for brunch to discuss our auditions and just have a fun day out.

We decided to meet up on Sunday at Luna Park (I’ve been there for dinner, but never for brunch) since it was between where we each live. We got there pretty much when they opened (we weren’t sure if it would be really crowded or not) and ordered some drinks right away.

While they have bottomless drinks for brunch, I knew I only needed one mimosa with brunch. We ordered pretty quickly so we could start with our catchup chat.

While I had a pretty good audition for the pilot, my Evil Twin didn’t have as great of a time. There were issues with the office running behind (it happens), parking difficulty, and construction blocking how you would normally walk to the office where casting was located. I was so grateful that she warned me about all of that after her audition so when I had mine the next day I gave myself extra time to deal with all of that. These issues with auditions happen from time to time, but they can throw you off your game if you aren’t expecting them.

She also told me about another audition she had this past week (I wasn’t asked to audition for that one, so it was cool to hear about it) and then we moved on to our usual random catch up.

Of course there was talk about Disneyland (she’s going when I can’t go but hopefully we can do another Disneyland day soon), family, and her cat who happened to get out the other day and seemed traumatized by whatever he saw on the other side of the door.

Eventually, our food came and I might have ordered too much because I took a really long nap at home that afternoon. But their brunch was just as delicious as their dinner and the mimosa I ordered was so strong that I couldn’t even finish half of it!

Evil Twin Brunch

After hanging out for a couple of hours, we both had to head out to do our Sunday errands. Even though it was a somewhat short visit, getting one on one time with my Evil Twin really did boost my spirits and help me feel back into the normal swing of things. It’s always good to spend time with someone who completely relates to a crazy and sometimes unknown schedule. We are lucky that we both were able to schedule our brunch easily and didn’t have to reschedule a time or two.

My schedule is still a bit crazy, but it’s starting to normalize and should be relatively normal (unless I get a ton of auditions) until Thanksgiving week. It will be nice to have some normalcy and expected things in my schedule before things get crazy again with time off at Thanksgiving (and going to spend time with my family) and the craziness that my day job experiences around the holiday. It’s so weird that I’m already thinking about the holidays, but they will be here before you know it!

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