Dri-Tri (or Suffering From Fear Of Missing Out)

This past Sunday was a really busy day for me. I started my day with a doctor appointment (post about that to come tomorrow) and I ended my day with a shift at one of my day jobs.

I did have an appointment to get weighed in for the Orangetheory Weight Loss Challenge and that was squeezed in in-between my other obligations.

While I was there for my weigh-in, the first Dri-Tri was going on. The Dri-Tri was a challenge that consisted of rowing, strength workouts, and a 5K on the treadmill (or 1.5 miles for power walkers).

I originally planned on doing the Dri-Tri. It sounded awesome and even if it took me forever to finish it, I knew that I could do it. But once I saw what my schedule was like for Sunday, I realized that it was going to be impossible to do the Dri-Tri.

I wasn’t too upset at first. I figured that I would totally do the next one. And since it was happening during my weigh-in, I was able to go inside the workout room and cheer on a friend of mine who was doing it.

On Sunday, I was fine when I got there. I did my weigh-in and then waited until there was an empty treadmill next to my friend so I could go and stand next to her and cheer her on as she finished the event.

And as soon as I got in there, I had a feeling of instant regret in not figuring out how to arrange my schedule so I could do the Dri-Tri. While everyone looked exhausted when they finished, they also looked so happy. And I wanted that too.

I stayed in there until everyone had finished and was getting ready to walk back to my car when I was asked if I wouldn’t mind taking the group photo so they could post it on Facebook. I was happy to help out.


I’ve never felt such regret in not doing something. I’ve missed parties, movies, and other events because I couldn’t attend or I just didn’t feel like it. And I’ve always been ok with my decision. But this time, I still can’t shake the feeling that I was meant to do this event.

I know that there will be another one, and there’s no question that I’ll do it (and my dad might come down to do it too). But I’ll always know that I missed the first one.

Hopefully this feeling of missing out and regret will go away after I complete my own Dri-Tri.

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