Day to Day Life (or What I Do All Day)

I mentioned yesterday that I’m packing my lunch for work each day. So I thought that I should mention what exactly it is I do.

Mainly, I’m an actress. I have amazing agents who loves me and push really hard for me. I’m not the typical actress, so auditions don’t come to me as often as some other people. But I love it, and I know eventually all my hard work (and my agents’ hard work) will pay off.

In the meantime, I have to have a day job (or a thrival job as some of my friends call it). In the past, I’ve worked at a major theme park, been a substitute teacher, been a temp, nannied, been a receptionist, worked data entry for credit card disputes, and so many other jobs that I can’t even remember. Currently, I work 6 days a week at a performing arts center selling memberships and tickets. I actually enjoy this day job. Working 6 days a week is tough, but it’s needed because this job is only seasonal.

The toughest thing about this job is the schedule and trying to eat healthy and work out. 3 days a week, I work 12:30-9. That’s great for getting a workout in in the morning, but not so great for an eating schedule. I normally eat breakfast at 11am, lunch at 4:30pm, and a snack when I get home. 1 day a week I work 9-5:30. That’s great for food, but I’m normally too tired after work to workout. On Fridays I work 9-1 and Saturdays 10-2. Those days are pretty neutral. I don’t work out in the morning, but there’s plenty of time after work.

At least I’m busy!

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