Christmas Hangout With My Birthday Twin (or Witnessing A Real-Life Romantic Comedy)

Right before Christmas, my birthday twin Joanna and I had a hangout. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and knew that we had to fix that. We didn’t exactly know what we were going to do, but we knew that we’d hangout on the 23rd.

On the 23rd, we decided that we were going to have dessert and drinks at the Cheesecake Factory at The Grove shopping center.

It wasn’t too bad parking there (which surprised me), and while it took us a while to get a seat at the bar, we are awesome table stalkers. While we were waiting for a spot at the bar or a table to open up, this random girl came up to us. She had a pager for a seat in the restaurant, but since she found a seat in the bar section, she was gifting us the pager. She said that someone had gifted it to her, and if we happened to get a bar spot first to share the love. That was awesome! We ended up finding two seats and the end of the bar before the pager went off, so we passed it on to another group waiting (the original reservation was under the name Adam, so whoever Adam is, thank you for sharing the holiday giving spirit with us all).

As soon as Joanna and I sat down, we got our drinks.

IMG_1221 IMG_1222

I had a Dirty Shirley and Joanna had some sort of tropical martini which was yummy! And yes, I know that I have almost the same pose with my drink as I do in my other post.

We both ordered cheesecake. Joanna had chocolate coconut and I had red velvet. Red velvet was clearly the winner.



After enjoying our desserts and chatting for a long time (we both have brothers who are getting married and are planning on having destination weddings), we decided to walk around and enjoy all the pretty holiday lights.


We were taking funny pictures in front of the giant tree…

IMG_1227 IMG_1226


When Joanna got a text from the guy she had just started seeing saying something like: “Have you ever been to The Grove? The lights are cool.”.

All of the sudden we both started looking around for the guy (I don’t know why I was, I had never met him). We didn’t know if he was at The Grove and had just spotted us and was trying to be cute or if it was a random question. Joanna tried calling him, but there was no answer. We walked around looking for him, hoping for another text. It was seriously like a romantic comedy.

Finally, the guy texted and we met him for a moment at the Veggie Grill. And I felt like I had just seen the happy ending in the real life movie.

Between the yummy food, being gifted the pager and then passing it on, and then randomly running into Joanna’s new guy; it was the perfect amount of pre-Christmas magic!


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