Celebrating Villaintine’s Day (or Getting Something Checked Off My Disney Bucket List)

This past Sunday at Disneyland was Villain’s Day. It was an unofficial Disney event but it was being shared online as a fun day to dress up as a villain and go around Disneyland. Even though I normally only go on Monday’s I couldn’t turn down a chance to have a fun themed day at the parks!

I really wanted to dress in a cute new villain themed shirt I got, but it wasn’t fitting correctly and I didn’t want to be super uncomfortable all day. I ended up wearing a Gaston’s Tavern shirt (which is a bit villain themed) with some Belle themed ears and figured that being comfortable was more important than being themed correctly for the day. I went with my friend Michelle and we were meeting some of her friends in the park that day. She was dressed in lots of cute Maleficent stuff so I figured she could represent for the theme for us both.

When we go to the parks and met up with the others, we noticed that there really weren’t that many people dressed for the theme. There are so many themed days like Dapper Day or Tiki Day, so it’s probably tough to get a new themed day started. We did see some cute outfits, but they were few and far between. But again, all of us decided to just have a fun day in the parks and enjoy the costumes we did see.

Our first stop was over at the Lunar New Year area of California Adventure. We hadn’t gone to the Annual Passholder section before so we stopped by there to first make a wish for the new year.

And we stopped by the photo spot to get a cute photo of us all in our villain attire.

We then went over to our one ride we did in California Adventure: Guardians Of The Galaxy. It’s seriously amazing every time I ride it. I was hoping that we’d have a new song on the ride because I want to hear them all, but we got one that we had heard already. But that doesn’t ruin the ride or anything. It was still as great as it always is!

Since all of us in the group are passholders, we were being a bit lazy with our day. After that ride, we decided to head over to the Disneyland side. As soon as we got over there we noticed Tiana right by the gates and there wasn’t any line to take photos. It’s pretty rare to see a character out without a photo line, so we took advantage of that.

After our quick photo we headed over to our first ride on the Disneyland side: Space Mountain. This is another favorite ride and something I pretty much go on every time I’m there. We got on the ride and everything seemed pretty normal at first. We headed up the hill and just as soon as we started the drop I noticed a weird voice coming from the center of the ride. Every time we got close to the middle of the ride we noticed a voice talking. It was so odd and we couldn’t figure out what was happening.

Then all of a sudden we came to a stop on the tracks before the end of the ride! If you are a Disney geek like me, you know that you love when a ride breaks down. Sometimes you get to be evacuated and get to see the behind the scenes area of the park. And it seems like one of the most coveted ride breakdowns is to get stuck on Space Mountain and have the lights come on. I had never experienced it and it was for sure something on my Disney bucket list.

We were stuck for a few minutes in the dark (but everyone was getting out their phones to use the flashlights to see everything around and then the lights came on!

As soon as the lights came on we all started cheering. Fortunately everyone in our ride car was just so excited to get to see the ride with the lights on and wanted to photograph everything around us.

Of course we wished that we had gotten stuck much higher up in the ride so we could have seen everything. But beggars can’t be choosers and we were just so excited to get this little bit of behind the scenes of the magic. And we could see a couple of fun things like the other cars higher up on the ride that were also stuck.

I’m not sure exactly how long we were stuck because honestly we were having a great time just checking out everything around us. And when it was time for the ride to start again the brakes were released on our car and the cast members had to push our car to start going again. So we finished the ride pretty slowly because we were only going down with gravity from that last section. Michelle was smart and took a video of this since it was such a special thing to get to do.

You don’t see it in the video, but when we got back to the station everyone waiting in line was cheering for us! It was pretty funny. We were given the chance to ride again since our ride was disrupted and of course we did that. And when we were done with the ride we went to look at our ride photo.

But we also learned that when we were slowly getting back to the ride station the photos were working and we got some funny ones from that ride too!

I’m sure I sound really silly, but I feel so lucky that I got stuck on Space Mountain and got to ride with the lights on. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and it’s not something you can control when you could do it.

After the excitement on Space Mountain, we did a quick ride on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and then Star Tours before heading back to the car. It was getting a bit more crowded in the parks in the evening and we were all feeling a bit tired. But we still had been in the parks for about 5 1/2 hours which is a pretty decent time.

I just renewed my Disneyland pass (fortunately before the price increase!), so I’ve got another year of Disney fun ahead for me! And hopefully I’ll have some more fun random adventures and maybe I’ll be lucky and I’ll be able to accomplish a few more things from my Disney bucket list! Most of the things left are things that won’t be easy (like getting to walk off certain rides or getting to dine at Club 33), but you never know what is possible!

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