Busy Unemployment (or Maybe I Over Scheduled)

I’ve been unemployed for less than a week (I’m still waiting on my unemployment to be approved by the state of California), and I have to say that I’ve almost never been busier.

Some of the things keeping me busy were unexpected. I had a plumbing issue in my house that took me 3 hours to fix (but I did it on my own and didn’t have to call my landlord). I also had an incident with my Pur water filter¬†where I broke it and water went all over and under my refrigerator. So I spent a decent amount of time cleaning up everything (and then going to a couple of different stores before being able to find a new one).

But most of what I’ve been keeping busy with are meetings and appointments that I set up in advance to make sure I wouldn’t be bored without work 6 days a week.

And being bored isn’t something I’ve been worried about at all. It’s nice to be so busy, but I do with that at least some of this busyness was making me some money. Since my unemployment hasn’t been approved yet (they say it takes 10 days), I’m not bringing in money right now. And even though I have plenty of time before my rent is due again, I am worried about having the money to pay for it.

I know that somehow something will work out. Maybe I’ll get a bunch of substitute teaching jobs. Maybe I’ll book a great acting job. Maybe my unemployment will be approved quickly and will be more than I was expecting.

But I can’t focus on that yet. Right now, for the next week, I have to make sure I don’t forget to do anything that I already scheduled. I’m setting alarms for all my appointments because it is easy to forget something.

I’m too busy with life when I’m unemployed, I don’t get to have a life when I’m employed. The grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it?

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