Brick + Mortar (or Another Happy Hour Adventure!)

With Mondays now being my early days, my happy hour adventures with my friend have been moved to Mondays as well.

I let her know the switch of date over the weekend, and she sent me a list of happy hours near Santa Monica that she wanted to check out. I think we should try them all, but yesterday we decided to check out Brick + Mortar. When we got to the location, we realized that it was where Salute used to be. We went to Salute a few years back with a few other people before my friend moved to the LA area. But I guess that place shut down (I liked the wine machines so I’m sad about that).

Brick + Mortar was pretty fun! They had the BSC game on in the background so we kind of paid attention to it (I had a ton of people rooting for Alabama, so I wanted them to win). The happy hour menu had a bunch of cheap but yummy options.



We decided to split the truffle fries and the short rib pizza. I also ordered my traditional Dirty Shirley.



I will say that the bartender at Brick + Mortar pours strong drinks! I took a sip of my drink when they set it down, and it tasted like straight vodka. I waited for some of the ice to melt to make the drink a little weaker.

Our food was delicious.


And once we were done eating, we both ended up opening our My Fitness Pal apps on our iPhones to track our food for the day. I get a kick out of that. I also finally friended my friend on the app (if you use My Fitness Pal and want to be friends, leave a comment with your user name and I’ll add you!).

I’m still adjusting my internal clock to my new schedule, but a fun and delicious happy hour is totally making the transition a bit easier!


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