Another Disney Day (or Making Disneyland A Book Nerd’s Dream)

Despite the crazy heat wave that LA is going through right now, this past Friday I had another outing at Disneyland. But this time was pretty special for a few reasons. First of all, this was pretty much the last time I could go until the summer was over due to my pass having so many blackout days. But the second (and more important) reason why this trip to Disneyland was so special was because of who came with me.


Do you recognize this person who is over the moon excited to be on It’s A Small World? It’s Lindsey Kelk!! When we had our lunch a while back, we discussed our mutual love of Disneyland. So when she knew she was coming back to LA, we made plans to go down to Anaheim and have an awesome day!

I wore a new Disney shirt to the park that day. I found this one while getting some workout clothes from Old Navy, and it was perfect for a hot day.


We went on a ton of rides while we were there. Inside the rides was one of the few places that were air-conditioned, so that was pretty nice. The only ride that Lindsey insisted that we go on was It’s A Small World. She had always wanted to go on it, and the only other time she was at Disneyland it was closed. Since I normally don’t go on that ride, the song wasn’t as annoying as you’d think it would be. And again, I was enjoying the air conditioning too much to mind (I actually wouldn’t have hated it if we got stuck inside just to stay cool).

I didn’t bring a hat with me to the park because I really wanted to buy a Disneyland hat. I don’t have one, and even though I don’t wear hats all the time, it’s nice to have a couple of options. At the same hat store, Lindsey bought a few gifts and got herself these really cute Minnie Mouse ear hair clips!


We also had to get a character picture. Lindsey has a new book coming out this week and her publishers wanted her to take some photos of her book traveling the country. We looked for Mickey, but he was hiding, so we stalked Pluto to get some photos.


And then I jumped in for one.


We did make it into California Adventure for a few rides, but only stayed there for about an hour before heading back to LA.

I had an amazing time! Not only was it Disneyland (which I pretty much always love), but I got to hang out with a pretty awesome person as well! And since it was so hot, Lindsey and I have already made plans to go to Disneyland in the winter. It will be a lot cooler then, plus the Haunted Mansion and It’s A Small World will have their holiday overlays on the rides.

I know that I’m totally getting my money’s worth out of my Disneyland pass. It was a good investment for me this year. And I know that I’ll be going a few more times after the summer is over.

Seriously, mixing Disneyland and one of my favorite authors really did make things amazingly awesome! Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I’m so lucky!

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