Acting Resources

I know that some people come to my blog because they are interested in becoming an actor. So I thought I’d share with you what I use for my acting career and maybe some of you would find that helpful. Keep in mind that I’m based in LA and I do film/tv/commercials (not theater or print usually). And these are just my opinions.

Casting Sites:

  • Actors Access (pay through Showfax for unlimited submissions for $68/year)
  • LA Casting  (I used to pay for this, but I believe it is paid for through my agent, but I might be wrong)
  • Casting Frontier (I only have the free version and have my barcode printed)


  • IMDb Pro (yes, you need the paid version but there is a discount if you are member of SAG-AFTRA)
  • Casting About (paid)
  • The Hollywood Reporter (I have a subscription but you can just use the website)
  • Variety (I use the website only)
  • Deadline (I use the website only)
  • TV Line (has some tv spoilers, but has amazing calendar of premiere dates for the tv seasons as well as trailers for the new tv shows)

Professional Memberships:

Just For Fun: