5 Workout Week (or I Did It, But I Don’t Know When I’ll Do It Again)

As I mentioned in my workout recap last week, this past week was potentially going to be a 5 workout week (basing the week to be from Sunday to Saturday). I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I managed to do it.

Workout Week

I’m getting pretty used to having workouts 2 days in a row once a week (usually on Friday/Saturday). I still struggle a bit on the second day, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was when I did my first back to back set of classes.

I was recovering from my sunburn for the first two days of the week, so I had to take it easy with weights when it involved my upper body. I only went down to 12 pounds weights (from my usual 15 pound ones), so it wasn’t a huge decrease. But I really did feel it as being much easier than I’m used to.

After the sunburn healed by Wednesday, I was back to my usual weight. I’m really wanting to move up to the next set of weights, but those are 20 pounds. I can use them for some lower body stuff, but when I try for upper body things I’m struggling to even do one rep. I’m not too stressed about getting up to the next set of weights. I know that it will take time and moving up to heavier weights is a bigger change than increasing the treadmill speed by .1 miles an hour.

Speaking of the treadmill, I’m getting into a nice groove with it now. I’m doing all  my base paces at 3.5 miles an hour and almost all of my push and all-out paces at 3.7 miles an hour. I still don’t know why I struggle doing 3.7 miles an hour (or even 3.6) during my base pace “flat road”, but it’s not horrible that I’m increasing my speeds for the pushes and all outs. That’s what the runners do and it allows me to use a more manageable incline for the longer push segments without my hips hurting as much. I’m happy where I am right now with my speed and am ok staying there for a while before I try to bump it up again.

Doing 5 workouts in a week was definitely doable, but it’s not something that will be done on a regular basis. If I did, I would do 5 workouts one week and 3 the next (unless I want to do 4 workouts in a row which I don’t). I’d much rather do 4 workouts a week as much as possible. I like having breaks between my workouts. But I’m glad that I did this because it proved to me that it can be done if I want to.

You might be wondering what the motivation was behind doing 5 workouts in a week. Well, all June there was a team contest at Orangetheory. You made a team of 3 and between the 3 of you the team had to get 45 workouts in for the month. You also had to post on social media (that was the easy part for me).

I joined a team and since one of our team members was going to be out-of-town a bit, the other girl and I had to pick up a little slack. So I needed to get 16 workouts in for the month. And to do that, I had to fit in an extra one in the week.

But it was all worth it when we got this email.

OTF June Challenge

I can’t believe that only 4 teams were able to complete the challenge! I knew that we would win because we were very on top of tracking everything. But I really thought that at least half of the teams that started would win. This makes me feel even better about the hard work my team put in to make sure that we got everything done that we needed to in June.

So far, there’s no contests for July. I’m still tracking my workouts and I’m over halfway to my workout goal for the year (which is perfect since the year is half over). But if there is some sort of July contest or challenge, I think you all know that I’m totally doing it!

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