3 Movies In 4 Days (or I’m Grateful For Free Screenings)

Since I had a couple of days off for Thanksgiving from work, I wanted to make sure that I kept my days busy. And since there are a lot of movies coming out that I want to see, I watched my email for screening notifications from SAG Foundation and the SAG-AFTRA Film Society.

And I lucked out! I found a screening and Q&A for “American Hustle” on Saturday and a screening of “The Wolf Of Wall Street” on Sunday. So my weekend was pretty planned out before going to San Diego for Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving in the past, some of us go to a movie after dinner. It doesn’t happen every year, but it’s always fun when it does (the first time we did it we went to see “Jackass The Movie” after dinner, which was a pretty weird choice). This year, my cousin Stephie and her husband Clay wanted to go see “Hunger Games: Catching Fire”. Even though I had already seen it, I was more than happy to go again!

The best part about watching with my cousin and her husband was that neither of them have read the Hunger Games books. They didn’t know the plot of the movie or what to expect. I, on the other hand, re-read the book in preparation for the movie. So whenever something crazy happened on screening, it was fun to see my cousin’s reaction. We’ve already made tentative plans to see the next 2 movies together after Thanksgiving the years that those movies come out (the last book is being turned into 2 movies).

The screening for “American Hustle” was ok. I didn’t really enjoy the movie (the plot wasn’t very interesting for me). And the Q&A was cool because Bradley Cooper was sitting about 20 feet away from me! But the Q&A seemed a bit short.

But I loved the screening for “The Wolf Of Wall Street”. The movie was almost 3 hours long, but it flew by! The movie was very exciting and the fact that it’s based on a true story made it even better. I’m going to get the book it was based on soon so I can read it. I highly recommend seeing this movie.

I know I’m incredibly lucky that I have the opportunity to see free screenings through my union. I wouldn’t see nearly as many movies if I had to pay for each one (when I saw “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” in IMAX it was almost $20!). And with the SAG Award nominations coming out soon, I know there will be more screenings as well as screeners being sent to me for me to view before voting.

Overall, it’s a pretty good movie season right now and hopefully you all can go out and enjoy a couple of them!

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