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One More Outing To Bar Food (or A Friend Leaving LA)

After my training at the new job, I headed back over to my side of town to go see my friend Kate. Kate is moving away from LA today and I wanted to go and hang out with her before she left.

It’s been a fun novelty to have my best friend living in the same city as me. We grew up living close to each other. When we went to college, I moved here to LA and she moved to Minnesota. While I’ve been in LA for 12 1/2 years (wow, I’ve been here a long time!), Kate has moved around. She’s lived in Minnesota, Ireland, Missouri, Alabama, and Washington State. I’ve visited her over the years (only to Minnesota and Washington) but when she moved here about a year an a half ago, it was awesome!

It had been so long since we lived an easy driving distance away from each other (or in the same state). We’ve had some awesome adventures and I got to show Kate why I think that LA is the most amazing place to live.

But Kate’s boyfriend lives up in the Bay Area and she got a job offer up there, so she has to leave. When I went over to her apartment, I kept her company while she did some packing. We also spent a while reminiscing about funny stories that happened in high school. It was a pretty fun afternoon.

Once Kate got most of her packing for that day done, we headed out for dinner. Kate’s roommate, Beth, joined us as well. We just walked across the street to go to Bar Food. They don’t have free happy hour hot dogs anymore (they are now $2 each), but we all wanted to get some real dinner.

We started off with getting some drinks, where of course I ordered a Dirty Shirley.


We ordered some spicy edamame to share for the table (I forgot to take a picture but it was really yummy!) and for my dinner, I ordered mac and cheese.


It was the perfect dinner for a rainy evening. We also got some bread pudding for dessert, but of course I forgot to get a picture of that too.

While I’m sad that my best friend is moving out-of-town, I’m happy for her. She’s moving closer to her boyfriend and her new job is really amazing. She’s going to kick butt there. Plus, it’s only a short flight to the Bay Area and I go up there anyway to see my parents. So hopefully we will hang out more than we did when she lived in another state.

So if you are reading this in the morning, please think good driving thoughts for Kate. She’s driving up north with 2 cats in the backseat, one of whom is a good traveler and one that she’s not too sure of yet.

And I’m sure that the next time that Kate and I hang out, it will be another amazing adventure!

Training Day At A New Possible Job (or Next Time, I’ll Give Myself 3 Hours To Get There)

Yesterday was my training day for one of the new jobs I’ve been offered. This one is working with film screenings.

The training was going to take place in Woodland Hills. I go to that area a lot because I have friends there, so I know that it usually takes me between 30 and 45 minutes to get there. Since this was my first day at the new job and I wanted to make a good impression, I gave myself about 90 minutes to get there.

My drive started off rough. There was a huge line of cars trying to get onto the freeway. When I finally made it on, traffic was completely stopped. This was happening at 11am, so I couldn’t figure what was going on.

Finally, one of the traffic signs said that there was a major accident and all but 1 lane of the freeway was shut down. It said to expect over a 2 hour delay.

That wasn’t going to work for me. I rushed off the freeway, texted the trainer that I might be late, and worked on finding another way to get to Woodland Hills.

It ended up taking me almost 2 hours to get there, but I finally made it. And since this was such a huge accident on the freeway, the trainer knew I was telling the truth and he was very understanding.

The training went pretty well. The first hour was spent going over all the rules and how the job works. There isn’t a ton of structure with the hours, but there are lots of rules I need to follow.

After that, we headed out to do some work for the next few hours. I let the trainer take the lead at first, but then he encouraged me to try it out. I was able to talk with a few potential customers, but it was still a little intimidating for me.

After the shift was over, the trainer and I headed our separate ways, but he let me know that I did a pretty decent job for my first time.

I won’t know exactly how much I made for a few days, but hopefully it will be something decent. It’s kind of a commission based job just like my last one, however the hourly is a much lower rate (so I would have to depend on commissions a lot more).

I have no idea when my next shift will be, but hopefully it won’t be too long. I want to see how realistic of a day job this is. If I can’t make it worth my time, then I need to find something else.

I’m still applying for jobs everyday because I don’t want this job to fall through and then I have to start over again. It feels like I’m being negative about this new job, but honestly, I’m just trying to be realistic.

It’s just so tough out there and I really need something great to come through for me soon!

Happy Birthday Justin (or The Most Epic Disneyland Adventure Where We Conquered The Park)

Yesterday was my friend Justin’s birthday. For his birthday, he wanted to go to Disneyland and he put out an invite on Facebook. One of the joys of being out of work is being able to go to Disneyland on a weekday, so I told him I’d meet him at the park.

We actually both got there at pretty much the same time, so we met at the trams that took us from the parking lot to the theme park. After a snafu with my annual pass (which ended up taking an hour at the ticket booths at the end of the day to fix), I ended up getting a free ticket for the day so I was able to go into the parks before dealing with the issues with my pass.

Since both Justin and I are annual passholders, we didn’t feel like we had to rush around the park and do a ton of rides. We started in California Adventure at Toy Story Mania, where Justin ended up beating me, but not by a ton. Next, we rode Radiator Springs Racers. This is really one of my favorite rides in the park. We did the single rider line, so we didn’t end up riding together. But that’s ok. While my car was waiting to go, I took a quick photo.


The ride was great as always. Then Justin and I decided to head over to Disneyland and do some of the rides over there. While walking through Main Street, we noticed Cruella de Vil just standing there with no line to take photos. So we took the opportunity and got some photos with her (I took one for Justin and he took one for me).


Then, right next to her we saw Pluto with almost no line! We figured we had to do another photo.


I was trying to give Pluto a kiss in the photo but now looking at it it just looks awkward.

Next, we were going to ride Star Tours, but on the way we saw Peter Pan and Captain Hook coming out from a backstage area. We figured we should see if we could get pictures with them too. They said we could, but only if we walked with them. So I ended up getting a picture with them toward the end of Tomorrowland.


Finally, we went into Star Tours where finally Justin and I got a picture together (wearing the awesome 3D glasses for that ride).


For the last ride of the day, Justin and I went on Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters. Earlier in the day, Justin mentioned that his dream was to max out the counter on the ride. In order to do that, you have to get over 1,000,000 points. Justin was super motivated to beat me in this ride, and check out what he did.


I don’t know why his score is above my head and my score is above his, but he got over 1,000,000 points! And not only that, he had the 33rd highest score for all of Disneyland! And this was done on his 33rd birthday!

After that awesomeness, there was no way that the day could be topped. We declared that we conquered the park and headed out.

Justin was going to go straight back to his car and I still had to go to the ticket booths to deal with my annual pass issue (thank goodness it’s all fixed now), so we took one last quick picture together to remember this epic day.


I don’t know how future Disneyland adventures are going to top this, but I’ve got almost an entire year left on my annual pass to try.

Happy Birthday Justin! I hope the rest of your day almost lived up to the awesomeness of Disneyland! And thanks for letting me be part of your celebration!

Getting Pretty (or A Fresh Look For My New Pictures)

I’m going to be getting new headshots on Thursday, so I’m trying to get everything ready for the shoot. I’m picking out my clothes, trying to figure out how to pay for it since my unemployment money seems to be delayed, and getting myself looking pretty.

I try to time my haircuts and color around major events like holidays or my headshots. So this past weekend, I headed over to my friend Erin’s house so she could do my hair.

I knew that I wanted to change things up a little bit this time. I’m getting a little sick of my bangs, and I’ve had them for a while now, so it was time to grow them out. I also wanted to brighten up the color a bit.

I had been on the lookout for color inspiration on Pinterest and found this pin. I showed it to Erin, and she decided to do a slight modification on that color for me.

The night before getting my hair done, I washed my hair. But I was feeling far too lazy to dry it so I just put it in braids and went to sleep. So my before picture is pretty crazy since my hair was all over the place.


You can totally tell that my roots were out of control and that the color on the ends was getting very faded.

After a full head of color and then highlights, I looked like this.


It’s a much brighter red than I had in the past, but it still looks natural on me. In fact, we based this color on the color I had as a baby. We used a picture from my first birthday as a reference.

I’m super happy with my new color (I just think my brows need to be dyed back to be a little darker, but I can do that with a brow pencil). It’s nice and bright and looks super fresh.

Plus, it always looks amazing when Erin blows out my hair. I can never make it look that good. Even after sleeping on it, the blowout still looked pretty perfect.


I’m ready for my new pictures now. Even though I haven’t lost as much weight as I could like from my last pictures, I think you really can tell in my face that I’m a little thinner now than I was before.


I’ll definitely show off my new pictures as soon as I get them emailed to me. The shoot is on Thursday so I’m not expecting to have anything until next week.

But I’m feeling very confident going into these photos and I know that they will look amazing!

The Frustration Of Looking For A Day Job (or Why Is This So Difficult?)

I’ve hit a wall in my search for a new job. I’ve gotten the on call personal assistant job, but my paperwork is still being processed and there are no guarantees that I’ll get any work with them. The other job that I got as a recruiter for film screenings is also still processing my paperwork and again, no guaranteed hours. I have to go through a background check with both of those jobs and that takes time.

I also had a trial shift at another job, but after that trial I’ve realized that I’m not the right employee for them (they would need me to not go on auditions for about 2 months a year). They said that they would pay me for this trial, but they haven’t yet. I’m not sure if I’m going to bother bugging them for the money. It almost doesn’t seem worth my time.

I’m still applying for jobs for about 2 hours a day, and lately I haven’t been getting too many interviews.

I did have one interview this past week, but it really was a failure. I mention in my cover letter that I am an actor looking for a day job but that I’m not a flake, just looking for some understanding and flexibility. I’d rather be upfront with my situation so I don’t waste my time or someone else’s time. I know some actors who lie and when they have auditions they claim that they have a doctor’s appointment, but I can’t do that.

So my interview this past week was for a front desk position that was part-time. It started off great with me finding a parking meter right in front of the building. I took that as a good sign and headed inside. I guess there was some scheduling issues because even though I confirmed my interview time with the person interviewing me, they weren’t there when I showed up. Finally about 30 minutes later, the interviewer came in. She brought me back into her office and the interview got started.

It started off great. It was very similar work to what I did at my last day job and the interviewer and I got along really great. She hadn’t mentioned anything about the flexibility of the job, so I brought it up and reminded her that I’m an actress and occasionally go on auditions.

She seemed confused by that. She wanted to know how soon I would be quitting acting for the job.

I was pretty shocked about that. I’m not going to quit my career for a part-time job. I told the interviewer that again, I was looking for a day job and that I wasn’t quitting acting. At that point, she said that I was not the right candidate for the job and the interview was over.

The interview took about 10 minutes before it ended and when I left, it was the middle of rush hour. What should have taken me about 15 minutes to get home took me over 90 minutes.

It’s so hard to stay positive when something like that past interview happens. I know that eventually I will find another great day job for me, but I’m scared that it’s going to take longer than I have.

So if you all could please think some positive job hunting thoughts for me this week, I’d really appreciate it!

Bingo Night (or Helping Out The Pet Matchmaker)

After our pretty much failed attempt at snow and sand in one day, Kate and I both went back to our homes to rest and get ready for Drag Queen Bingo! This was at the same place that the last Drag Queen Bingo was at (I don’t know if there is even more than one place in LA for Drag Queen Bingo).


Every Bingo night, it’s a fundraiser for a different charity. This time, it was a fundraiser for The Pet Matchmaker, one of the blogs that I freelance on. I was super excited to support the blog and all the good that they do. And this particular fundraiser was to help the blog officially become a non-profit charity (there’s lots of paperwork and lawyer’s fees to pay for).

Kate and I got to Bingo pretty early, so we were able to order some food and drinks before all the games started. And yes, of course, I drank a Dirty Shirley.

Once Bingo got started, there were several celebrity callers that evening. First of all, Elaine Hendrix, the founder of The Pet Matchmaker, was there. She knows me through some mutual friends as well as the blog, so it was great to see her. The next celebrity caller was Erin Murphy, who played Tabitha on “Bewitched”. I love watching that show so seeing her was actually very cool! And we learned some cute trivia about Erin: her husband’s name is Darren (which was the dad’s name on “Bewitched”). The final celebrity caller for the night was Randall, who you might know as the narrator of the Honey Badger YouTube video! He and I have a mutual friend (and are represented by the same agents) so it was great to see him as well!

Bingo was so much fun! The crowd is so energetic and while everyone wanted to win, it was a fun competitive room. And I got pretty close to winning a few times.


I never won, but I that’s ok. I still had a great time! Kate got really close to winning a few times as well.

After Bingo was done, Elaine grabbed me and a couple of other people and we went into a back room to hang out for a bit (they had to clear out the restaurant for the 9pm Bingo to start on time). In the back, I got a picture with Randall so I could show my agents that two of their actors were hanging out together.


And of course, I got a picture with the host of the evening as well.


After chatting for a bit, it was time for me and Kate to head out (our meter was about to expire!). I’m not sure of the exact numbers, but I do know that we raised quite a bit for The Pet Matchmaker at Bingo. Hopefully it was enough to get all the non-profit paperwork filed because I know that the site has a lot of amazing things ahead once that is all finalized.

If I know of another Drag Queen Bingo fundraiser for The Pet Matchmaker, I’ll try to remember to post it on here so I can get some blog readers out to join us!

Attempting Snow And Sand In One Day (or A One Day Road Trip)

Recently in Los Angeles Magazine, there was a list of things that everyone who lives in LA should do. Some things on the list were easy like eating at Pinks Hot Dogs or seeing a celebrity. But others were a bit tougher.

One thing on the list was to see the snow and beach in a single day. It sounded like a fun challenge, so I decided that I wanted to try it.

I asked around to see if anyone would be up for the adventure and my friend Kate said she wanted to come too.

So yesterday morning, we technically started by the beach (or at least pretty close to it). We got into my car and headed up to Mt. Baldy, which is the closest ski place to Los Angeles. It’s under an hour and a half away, so it wasn’t a bad trip (I’m used to the 2 hour long drives to San Diego).

It was an interesting drive. Lots of city stuff in LA, then we got into a rock quarry area, and finally got off the freeway in a nice little community. It didn’t seem like a mountain area, but we were trusting my GPS.

We finally turned onto a road that looked much more like what I’m used to seeing in Lake Tahoe. There were lots of log cabins and signs that talked about the snow plows coming by.

The only thing missing at that point was snow. But Kate and I both said that maybe the snow starts up much higher. We kept climbing in elevation and finally saw the sign for the ski resort.


But sadly, due to the horrible drought here in California, there was seriously no snow anywhere to be found. There was some snow showing on their webcams, but I don’t think it was anywhere we could have walked to.

The parking lot was a little creepy. There was only one other car there besides us. We both thought it looked a little post-apocalyptic when we looked around.


Even though it was a little creepy and there was no snow, it was still a gorgeous day and we both enjoyed our little adventure out of LA.


We started to head back after a little bit since there really wasn’t much for us to do up there. Our original plan was to head straight to the beach and hang out there for the afternoon, but we ended up changing our plans because last night was Drag Queen Bingo (more on that in tomorrow’s post!).

So we didn’t quite make it to the snow and the sand on the same day. But we did make it from 0 feet elevation to 6500 feet elevation and back in one day.

That should count for something, right?

And hopefully next winter will be better and I can make another attempt at this adventure.

Trying A New Spin (or Knowing When A Place Does Feel Like Home)

On my last day at my parents’ house, my dad and I decided to go to a spin class. We actually wanted to try a spin class when I was home at Christmas, but other things ended up happening.

The spin class was at the Courtside Club, the gym that my parents have belonged to for forever. And I do mean forever. My mom has been a member there for 34 years and my dad joined when he and my mom were dating. In fact, their wedding reception was held at the Club (back then it was more of a hotel and tennis club than a gym).

While home at Christmas, my dad and I did a little investigating into the spin classes. We found out that most classes were an hour (compared to 45 minutes at SoulCycle) and that the bikes had both clips and cages so you could either wear bike shoes or sneakers. My dad had found out between my trips home that the clips for spin class were different than what I have on my fancy bike shoes, so I had to use the cages and my sneakers.

When my dad and I got to the class, we managed to find bikes off to the side (almost in a similar place to where I ride at SoulCycle). I tried to set up my bike on my own based on the guidelines that I’ve learned at SoulCycle, but my dad still called the instructor over to help us. He was actually pretty impressed with how well I set up my bike. The instructor (whose name I can’t remember, sorry!) was very friendly and asked if my dad and I had ever been to spin before. We both said that we had, just not at Courtside. He told us to take things at our own pace and to try our best.

Right before the class started, the instructor announced that I was joining the class for the first time and everyone gave me a round of applause (I have no idea why my dad wasn’t acknowledged too). Then the class started.

It was totally different to what I’m used to. There was a little computer on each bike and you were supposed to get to a certain RPM at different points in the class. I’m not used to that at all. At SoulCycle, we ride to the beat. That’s what I’ve focused on. The RPMs weren’t too hard, but I still found myself riding to the beat even though it was the wrong speed.

There were also some technical difficulties with the stereo and microphone so I know that the instructor was a bit flustered and the class was affected a bit by that. But I survived the class.

Even though I had an ok time (if I do that class next time I’m visiting my parents, I’m buying the proper clips because using the cages sucked), I still got in a good workout. And it has reassured me once again that being at SoulCycle is the place for me and that that is the perfect workout for what I’m looking for.

Getting Ready For Next Month (or Broadway Here We Come!)

Saturday was a day that was pretty much spent at home with my parents. My high school friend, Jackie, came over with her son to see Tucker (and her little son was pretty traumatized by Tucker since Tucker was trying to kiss him every minute). It was a fast visit, but a nice one. Jackie is expecting her 2nd baby in about 2 months and I’m excited for her and her husband (they are waiting until the baby is born to find out if it’s a boy or a girl).

After Jackie and her son left, my brother and sister-in-law came over. They came by to hang out and have a family dinner, but Krystle and I had a lot of planning to do. Our trip to New York is in about a month and besides having our flights and hotel booked, we had nothing else done!

And since Saturday was the only time that she and I would be in the same place at the same time before the trip, we tried to get as much done as possible.

In planning the trip, Krystle decided that I should plan what Broadway shows we should go to and she would plan what restaurants we would go to. We both want to see “Book Of Mormon”, but those tickets are so crazy expensive! We have a date in mind to see the show and we might take a chance on the ticket lottery, but we might just have to suck it up and pay the full price (which is like $150 a ticket!).

But we did get great prices on the 3 other Broadway shows we are going to see. We got tickets for “Cinderella”, “Matilda”, and “Heathers” (which my friend AJ is in!). All of those tickets were under $100 each so I think that was a pretty good deal.

We also did some planning on what we want to do during the day while we are out in New York. We did some investigating on the hop on hop off bus options and managed to find one that has our hotel as a stop. We haven’t gotten tickets for it yet, but I’m sure we will. We also have some plans to do some shopping and see a museum or two.

Exactly a month from today, we leave for the trip (both of us are taking red-eye flights and will be arriving early the next morning). I’m a little nervous about the flight. I don’t sleep too well on planes, and that flight is pretty much going to have to count as my night’s sleep. I don’t like taking medicine to help me sleep, but I might do some research and find something that I can take this one time so I won’t be exhausted on my first day of the trip (which is the day we are going to see a matinée of “Cinderella”).

I’m so beyond excited for this trip and I know that Krystle is too. I just can’t wait for the next month to fly by so I can go on my adventure!

Meeting Tucker! (or Having An Awesome Valentine’s Day Without A Valentine)

Friday morning, I flew home to my parents’ house. I was so excited to meet Tucker that I only had a minor panic attack on the plane (I think being able to listen to my podcasts during takeoff and landing helps too).

My dad got me at the airport and we went right home so I could finally meet Tucker (and see my mom too).

Even though my parents have been sending me photos almost every day, it was still a surprise to meet the puppy. He’s so much bigger than I thought he’d be! When we measured his height to his shoulder, he’s only about 2 inches shorter than Dante was when he was fully grown! And Tucker isn’t even 4 months old yet! I think we are going to have a very tall puppy.

I spent most of Friday getting to know Tucker and his fun little quirks. For example, he likes to sit really funny. He puts his butt on a stair (or a person if a stair isn’t close) and sits almost like he’s in a chair.


He’s also very much a puppy. He has moments of being wild and crazy and then he crashes pretty hard for a nap. And he is obsessed with food. My parents have to split his meals into a few servings so he doesn’t eat too fast (and each serving is gobbled up and not even chewed).

But he’s super sweet and you can tell that he wants to please people. He tries so hard to be good, but sometimes his puppyness gets the best of him and he does something not so great (like trying to bite your hands).

By the end of Friday, I think Tucker accepted me as a member of his family. When I tried to have my mom take a picture of him and me, all Tucker wanted to do was kiss my face.


And when Tucker was taking his nap before going to bed, he decided to use my shoe as his pillow.


It was really a great Valentine’s Day. I got to spend it with family and the puppy and got tons of love throughout the day!